Friday, October 08, 2010

put it on the table (and other random non-satellite related stuff)

Our new table FINALLY arrived on Thursday. It's be 16 or so weeks in the making (after they told us it would be 8-12 weeks). Grrr. Dinette Gallery is not on my happy list. But everything is here now and I am very happy with the table and chairs.

Been watching Season 3 of Big Bang theory (we're trying to catch up as quickly as possible by getting them from the Marysville library... who is ahead of the Columbus library in that aspect). I can't get over how damn funny that show is. I hope they take their time in jumping the shark.

Been keeping up with the second season of Glee. We're both disappointed with the episodes thus far. Rachel seems like a complete bitch this season. And then there are just weird things that don't make any sense, like Finn, despite being in a dancing glee club, suddenly doesn't know how to dance one bit when he tries out for cheerleading, which in itself is just stupid. During the last episode of Glee, we caught ourselves watching more of the NOVA special called 'astrospies' which told about the US and USSR manned spy space stations programs. I had no idea that such programs were in place, let alone that the Russians actually managed to get it into space and had people on it. Check out the link above. It's way better than the last episode of Glee (imho).

When I got of the shower this morning at 6:15am, my daughter informed me "You smell like poop" and that "You pooped in the shower. PU!". Neither of which were true. What the heck? I was too tired to care, but not as tired as my wife who had to deal with lil N who got up at 4am this morning. Again, what the heck?

Anyways... it's 11:55pm and 6am comes fast.

Ok... I lied... here's a little bit about my satellite gazing: I had two really good sessions on Thurs and Fri. I'll write those up soon. This evening was insanely prolific. 25 sightings. I truly think that this number will be one which stands for a while. More on that later though.

G'night all!

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