Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! (and a sat)

Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Halloween!

I went out very briefly this morning and got to spot one satellite. The deck was really cold and all I had on my feet were some really thin ankle socks. Brrrrrrr.

Here's the time-line of the morning of:
Date: 31-Oct-2010 Sunday

7:17am - Cosmos 2237 Rocket - 2.9 Magnitude
Int'l Designator: 1993-016-B
This object is a Zenit-2 rocket body which was used to launch the Russian Tselina-2 ELINT satellite, Kosmos 2237. This is my third sighting for this one.

Notes: As of today, I've seen 36 different Cosmos satellites (or their rocket boosters). I've seen of those, I've seen five complete pairs (meaning that I've seen both the satellite and the rocket booster though not necessarily in the same session) Kosmos 1315, Kosmos 1455, Kosmos 1626, Kosmos 1833, Kosmos 2428. To date I have seen 188 objects (including meteors / shooting stars) over 25 sessions (if they were on the same date (ie a morning and an evening), then I count that as one session.

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