Friday, February 23, 2007

This is just sad...

They are closing the original Wendy's in Downtown Columbus. Read an article about it here.

"I guarantee (Dave Thomas, Wendy's founder) would support this decision," says company spokesperson David Lynch "He recognized that a company needs to be profitable."

Whatever, dude.

The least you could do would be to keep it open as a museum or something. So you're not profitable on the weekends or in the late evening? Okay, fine, cut your hours on the weekends and late evening, dilhole. It's not fucking rocket science. I've seen that place on a weekday during the afternoon. It's a fucking madhouse. You can't tell me that this doesn't offset the evenings. I've seen the one just down the flipping street from the flipping company office in Dublin. That fucking place is NEVER crowded. You're telling me that this mediocre Wendy's (with the fancy copper roof) does better business than the downtown one? Puhleez.

All I have to say is "Sorry Dave. I'm sorry that the fuckin' incompetent morons you had underneath you couldn't manage to keep the boat afloat a mere one year after you died. I'm sure you had a business plan, and I'm sure those dumb ass focacia bread sandwiches weren't part of it.

Anyhoo... At least I can say I've eaten there. Maryann and I ate there a couple years ago when she was working downtown. They still had the tables with the old newprint on it. It reminded me of being 9 years old and going to 'that other burger place with the weird tables' but enjoying their burgers all the same. Then later on came the Super Salad Bar. Too bad that didn't work out for them.

I'm babbling now. All I have to say is that it is just sad how fast the Wendy's corp turned their back on the original store. As store that, at the very least, probably could have broken even.

Man, I am bitter, so I am gonna stop now. G'night.


Lorence said...

I was there on saturday (blogged it at It was an interesting time, LOTS of people there for the very same reason I was - had to go just one more time. I also wanted to take my 6 yr old there to see the place. he'll remember it. he remember everything...
Sad indeed.

Todd S. said...

That really bummed me out. Bastards. No WAY Dave would have closed it.