Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mmmmmm... crab legs

I've been craving the unlimited crab legs from Red Lobster for a LOOOONG time now. Turns out I might be waiting even longer. In wondering how much it cost the first time I went to the AYCECLs at Red Lobster, I found the following article which basically said they lost so much money from that promo that they fired their el presidente.

But luckily for me, relief may be in the horizon. Turns out that I got a little email from bd's since I joined their email spam farm. Sez here that you can add unlimited crab legs to your dinner for $6.99. Not sure if you can do that for lunch or not. If you could, then I'm there. I love BDs, but I know how much veggies cost and how much rice costs and how much tortillas cost, and it ain't much. But I also understand one has to run a profitable business. So, tacking on 7 bucks to the .. what is it now, 14 bucks, is still only 21 dollars. I'm pretty sure I paid at least 20 bucks back in 2003 at Red Lobster. So could go up, have a small bowl of stir fry made up and then order the crab legs. When I run out of legs, I can nibble at my stir fry. Mmmm.... unlimited crab legs.



Thomas said...

Eh. I'll let you keep the crab legs. Amelia and I have tried them in the past and were underwhelmed.

However, a BD's run?

Darrin said...

You mean you didn't like crab legs from BD's or crab legs in general?