Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Woo! Well, we had practice tonight... however is was sans Gourley cause I forgot to call him and he made plans to clean up his house before the relatives showed up. But Todd, MCB and Ian showed up. And quite frankly, it was a good practice I think especially considering how few we have had in the past month or two. We rammed through all the new songs. I was a bit tired after that. Man, I really, really need to practice more. Then we went through the last set list from High Five minus a few songs. Ian's got a thing against Chicken Nuggets Of Sin. Not sure why, but don't count on hearing it at the next show... it prolly ain't gonna happen. Anyways, like I said, we went through the old set list and, darn it, it sounded pretty good. I screwed up on Cereal and Beer. It's a song I wrote and I still got totally lost. DOH!

I'm hoping now that I can convince my Dad not paint this weekend. I'm going to be out of town on Sunday so that would cut things a bit shorter than I think he would like. I know he wants to get it done and honestly so do I, but I really haven't had any down time with the band or by my lonesome for that matter. I usually require a couple days a week to just veg or do whatever I want to do and I really haven't had time to do that recently, which adds a bit to the little fits of depression you've been seeing. Work still stinks but I have a little better idea of what they want out of me. They've loosened the reins a little bit which is good. I still have a million things on the horizon there, but it's doesn't feel as pressing as it should... whatever that means. Basically, I realy do have a lot to do, but somehow I know that I'll get it done in time... as long as I get motivated, which recently has not been the case.

Well folks, I really need to get to sleep... so until next time... later! Hope to see you at the next show!!! (whenever that may be ;)


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