Thursday, June 29, 2017

No really... I think I'm done for the moment!

I know I said I was done getting movies for a little while in the last post.  I meant it.  I really did.

But then I went to Half Price Books in Hamilton and spied a couple more things that were reasonably priced.  And I left them there.

And then Father's Day came along and I went back out and got them. LOL!  I mean you could say that this was my Father's Day gift to myself, but I think I've been getting alot of gifts as of late, so... yeah.  Things.

One of the sets I got was John Wayne - The Tribute Collection from Mill Creek.  25 films with The Duke!  I got this one for 8 movies that I didn't have yet.  There was a 50 movie collection featuring John Wayne and various western trios.  I pretty much had 40 of the movies in that pack with the exception of a handful of John Wayne movies.  This movie set picked up all but 3 of them.  (Still need to find a collection which contains 'Range Feud', 'Texas Cyclone' and 'Two-Fisted Law')

The next collection is a mundanely named collection called '15 Martial Arts Movies' from the newly discovered TG Direct.  They were the same company that did the Samurai Warriors collection.  I did my homework on this one and determined that 9 of the 15 would be new to my collection. Now here is where it gets amusing.  When I opened up the set, all of the discs were marked 'Samurai Warrior' but still had all the new titles on them. It's like this company pretty much brands any of their martial arts box sets 'Samurai Warrior'.   Weird.

Both of those were 5 bucks each so I didn't feel too bad.  The next set I got only cost 3 dollars from the bargain bin: The Best of Chaplin.  This set contains 28 features!  Most of them are short movies, but still, pretty cool find.

So, for realz this time.  I think I'm done for the moment.

Have a Happy 4th everyone!


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Record shows are cool (or Justice has been served)

Yesterday I went back to my old stomping grounds of Columbus Ohio and went to the Colleen's Collectables Record show which has been going on for decades.  The went to my first one with Todd and Ian in 1992 I think and it was at the Veteran's Memorial building in the main section.  It was crazy huge and crazy packed and it was awesome.  Fast forward to June 10th 2017 (hey, it's my 25th anniversary of going to record shows!) and the record shows are a little smaller and held at the Haimerl Center on Morse Road but they are still awesome.  With the resurgence of vinyl, they probably could get a bigger place but they've been holding them at the Haimerl for probably 10 years so why change something which works. 

I met Todd at the show we chatted briefly before going on our individual hunts.  Todd was looking for Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting on vinyl while I was on the hunt for Bobby Sherman's self-titled first album and the 6-sided die-cut soundtrack for the movie 'The Andromeda Strain'.  I was about 3/4 the way through the show and fully in the zone, blinders on, not seeing anyone in my path really, just records. I walked up to one of the tables and starting perusing the CDs that a seller had out (along with some LPs) when the seller said 'I wouldn't look too closely, so of those might be yours'.  I looked up and wouldn't you know it, there was Ian.  He was peddling his goods (as he has on several occasions in the past) at today's show.  So all three of us were back at the show again!  I ended up buying the Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe CD from him.  Good stuff from some people who were members of Yes at one time or another.

My haul consisted of the following:
LP - Bobby Sherman - Bobby Sherman (I got it in MINT condition.  Awesome!)
LP - Styx - The Grand Illusion
LP - The Alan Parson's Project - I Robot
LP - Jonathan Edwards - Honky-tonk Stardust Cowboy
LP - Elvis - Moody Blue (on clear blue vinyl!)
LP - Elvis - Elvis' Christmas Album (on the budget Pickwick label. I grew up with this one!)
LP - Ted Neely - 1974 A.D. (portrayed Jesus in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar)
LP - Jesus Christ Superstar movie soundtrack (See what I did there?  Came from the same seller.  $2!)
CD - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (from Ian!)
CD - Queen - Greatest Hits I & II

After the Show, Todd and I went to B.C. Roosters and got some chicken and talked for a couple of hours.  After that we went to the Ohio Thrift Store and wandered around for a hour, Todd of course taking several photos of items that were too bizarre to believe.  Good times and conversation!

I then went and had dinner with my friend Kevin at Potbelly.  we talked for about 3 hours, closing the place down.  More good times and conversation!

Then I drove my butt back to Cincinatti to my wife who was waiting up for me so she could see my haul from the record store. 

What a great day!


In other news: In the previous post I mentioned how I was planning on getting a 50 movie pack called Frontier Justice but that the seller sent the wrong item and I couldn't get an answer from them about if or when then were going to be sending me my set.  So, after 2 1/2 weeks of crickets from the seller I put in a refund request with eBay and it was granted.  This was on Wednesday.  So on Friday, I get this email from eBay: 'Your package has been delivered' and this was confusing because I hadn't purchased anything else.  So I clicked on the link in the email and it referenced the order which I had been refunded for.  It was a new tracking number and everything.  Sure enough, when I got home, there was my Frontier Justice box set.  So now I have the box set but really haven't paid for it (well, other than the $2.63 cents that I paid to ship back the wrong item.)  After much deliberation, I decided that I would pay  the seller the remaining money due for the purchase.  It just seemed like the right thing to do.  I don't need the bad karma. While their communication could use a great deal of work, the seller, at the very least, did provide me the product which I paid for.  And for that, they deserved to get paid.  Justice has been served and I have 50 more movies to add to my stupid movie collection.

Thanks for reading.  Hope all is well with everyone.



Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This stupidity is a crime

Well, I had no more than created my last post when I was already out purchasing more movies for my stupid movie collection.

One of the first things I did was to get the Iron Fist Frenzy 50 movie pack.  In the last post, I mentioned the 'Kickin' It Shaolin Style'.  This was basically 1/4 of the Iron Fist Frenzy.  I started figuring out that the cost of picking up the other 3 sets was probably going to be more than just getting the Iron Fist Frenzy set and getting two extra movies to boot.  So I got a good deal on Iron Fist Frenzy eBay using the Best Offer option.

 The next set I got because the wife was at half Price Books in Hamilton and saw a couple of sets while she was perusing the DVD section.  One of them was a Mill Creek collection which was 20 movies from the Warriors 50 pack I already had.  The other was a 12 movie pack called the 'Samurai Warriors Collection'.  At first I figured that it was probably going to just have movies either from the Martial Arts 50 movie pack or from Iron Fist Frenzy.  But when I started researching, I figured out that 1) it was wasn't a collection from Mill Creek, and 2) there was very little overlap with my other martial arts collections.  'Woo hoo!  Pick it up!' I told my wife. And she did 'cause she's awesome like that! The transfers in this collection seem to be pretty decent, but the packaging is just awful.  It's basically a piece of folded cardboard with slits that the DVDs sit in.  At least Mill Creek makes individual cardboard cases for each disc. I've relocated the DVDs in this collection to some old Microsoft sleeves to better protect them.

About that time, there was another 50 movie pack that had no overlap in my collection called Frontier Justice that I purchased on eBay.  More on that later.

Then I started looking farther down on my lists of sets.  The next candidate was a set called Crime Classics.   I picked that up on, you guessed it, eBay.  This set had only 10 movies that overlapped with my collection.  I got an ok price on this one if I remember correctly.  It's kind of the sister set to the Dark Crimes 50 movie pack I already have.  Not sure which one came out first, though just based on it's simple name, I'd guess that Crime Classics came first.  As far as I can tell, this Mill Creek collection never got a plastic case release; only a cardboard case like the original Tree Line and early Mill Creek sets.

Then things went a little sideways.  In my research, there are some 50 movie packs which I already own 85% of (ie, I already have 35 of the movies).  For some reason, I got it in my head that there were some older 20 movie packs which might be able to fill in the gaps instead of having to purchase a 50 movie pack (at a 50 movie pack price).  I didn't get very far in researching this, but did stumble upon one collection called 'Billy the Kid' which was a 20 movie collection of Billy the Kid movies.  I picked this up on eBay for a cool $4 and it contains 14 movies which are new to my collection.  Yee haw!

So, what about the Frontier Justice set.  Well, things got a little complicated.  The seller sent me a DVD set but not the one that I wanted.  I'd like to have 4 Laurel and Hardy movies, but I really wanted to have the 50 movie set that I ordered.  So I opened up a ticket with eBay and promptly sent back the erroneous collection with word that another person got my order and was shipping it back to the seller the next day.  So, I waited.  After a week I sent an email letting them know that per USPS they received the DVDs I sent back and wanted a status on if the other person shipped back my DVD set. Another week went by with no reply from the seller.  I sent another email asking for status.  And more crickets.  So I had to escalate to the eBay Police who within 10 hours (while I slept) got my money refunded.  So, I should have had the set, but things didn't work out.  I truly believe the seller had the collection and simply sent it to the wrong person.  And maybe the other person who got my order just held on to it, or hasn't shipped it yet ('cause they wanted to rip the movies first) or it got damaged or lost in the mail.  I dunno.  But I hold no ill will to the seller.  Stuff happens. And after more than 100 eBay transactions over the years, this was the first one which went wrong, so, I'm okay with that since I got my money back (sans the return shipping price since I did that outside of eBay's return system).

So, yeah, another (50 + 50 + 20 + 12 =) 132 movies for my stupid movie collection.  I'm sure there will be more in my future, but I think I've got enough for the moment.  Plus, I need to leave some collections for other people to buy me for various holidays which might involve presents for me!

Take care everyone!  Hope you all are doing well!