Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting stupid at wholesale and warehouse prices

So as sometimes happens, when you awaken the collecting beast there is going to be carnage.   I had innocently enough went to the Ollie's in Sidney and picked up a couple of sets.  I told you about that.

What I have to tell you about is what has occurred in the past month.  I had no more than written my last blog post about picking up those two sets when I had a little bit of spare time at work and innocently enough went on eBay.  The next thing I knew, I had 4 more sets (Combat Classics, Timeless Family Classics, Cowboy Legends and the Legend of Rin Tin Tin) coming too my house.  The sad thing was, I had just done my homework.  But I didn't have my homework with me at work, so I was trying to go off of my memory.  Well, that worked out about half was well as it should have.

The Combat Classics had about 50% overlap (ie, I got 25 new movies).  The Timeless Family Classics didn't fair so well.  Out of the 50 in that set, only 11 were going to be new.  Luckily I got that set for a sweet $3.09 with shipping.  The Cowboy Legends had very little overlap (somehow, I've lost my original list which contained which ones I had and which ones I didn't).  And the Rin Tin Tin set which contains 4 movie serials which each contained 12 little fifteen minute episode I picked up since I could save 20% my ordering it with the Cowboy Legends.

And it should have ended there.  But of course, it didn't.  Since I did a bad job on the Timeless Family Classics, I started wondering about what other sets were out there and what their overlap would be.  Some I knew about sets I hadn't done my homework on and also discovered some other sets I hadn't know about at all.  But the wheels kept turning and I kept doing homework.  I finally found out that there were about 3 or 4 sets that I could get which have very little (< 10 movies) overlap.  And eBay was on the mind, so I started looking around again.  I ended up finding Gunslinger Classics for a decent price.  I was set to click on the Buy It Now when I noticed there was a 'or Best Offer' button.  Figuring I had nothing to lose, I offered the seller $2.50 + $3.00 shipping... and 2 hours later they had accepted it.  Woo hoo!

And it should have ended there... but NOOOOO.   I found out that Half Price Books was going to be having their warehouse clearance sale.  Nothing over $2.  So today I took off work and me and the Mrs went there.  And I found a few more things.   I picked up three 12 movie packs (Gorehouse Greats, Under Fire (action/war movies), and Kickin' It Shaolin Style) and a couple other things (Victory At Sea which is a WWII documentary and NASA - 50 Years of Space Exploration).  I also picked up a book on Hollywood Musicals.

So, I've updated my Stupid Movie list.... again.

I'll admit, there are still a couple of sets that are on my radar.  I may or may not have searches on eBay that I am currently following.  But it really is ridiculous.  The latest calculations show that I would have to watch one movie and one TV show EVERY DAY for FIVE YEARS in order to watch everything that I have.  Now, there is a little bit of overlap in there, but I've done quite well so far in avoiding overlap, so maybe it'll only take FOUR AND A HALF years. RIDICULOUS!

I am a very silly, stupid man.  And I love my stupid movie collection (but not as much as my wife who puts up with my silliness).

Talk to you later!

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