Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey..... I'm alive.... and back with something weird

Yeah... I'm still alive.  I'll post more info later on... but I came across something weird whilst listening to The Beatles 'Let It Be' using headphones.

In the middle of the song there is a guitar solo.  And in the middle of that guitar solo there was a 'boop' beep thing, like someone pressing a button on a telephone.   Well, the MP3 of that came from, well, I don't know where.  So I thought, maybe it's just screwed up.   I already had a MP3 previously in the day of The Rolling Stones' "Statisfaction" that sounded like it had been slowed down by like 10%.    Anyhoo... so I went out to youtube to find another recording of it from the album.  And.... the 'boop' was there too.   Have a listen (esp at the 2:20/2:21 mark --- boop!):

I checked for other videos on youtube and it seems there were two versions of this one.  Both seem to be studio versions, but the guitar solos are completely different.  But I did find yet another version with the 'boop' in it.   Weird.

Edit 01/27/2013:  I checked Let It Be from the The Beatles '1' album and it's not this version.  I also checked Let It Be from the Archives 3 album and it's not that one either.  I suspected it might be from the Past Masters Vol 2 album since there were alot of quirks with those albums, but I checked that one as well.  Not it.  I checked the Blue Album (The Beatles 1967-1970).  Not it.  I checked the Let It Be album proper... BINGO!!!!  Thanks goodness I figured that out. It was interesting to find the one the Let It Be, the album it came off of, is different than the one that was put on the Blue and 1s albums.  Weird.