Monday, June 04, 2012

Records and Xtreme stupidity

Note:  This post is not in chronological order :)

Got to hang out a little bit with Ian on Sunday.  We went to Hound Dog's pizza.  It is always tasty tasty.   I got my usual, Hound Dog pizza (regular crust) with Bacon and Howlin' Hot Pizza Sauce.   I got the small (10") and still only ate probably half of it.  When I was still at OSU, I would get a LARGE and eat the entire thing myself in one sitting.   Things have come a long way since then.  After pizza and conversation we headed over to Use Kids Records.  It's Used Kids.  It doesn't change much.  I still really like the new store.  It's not as cramped and they are being more selective about what they put in the Dollar Bins.  I perused for ... I don't know how long and came away with an odd Barry Manilow album I didn't even know existed which had this terrible promo sticker on it which read something like 'Take the challenge: Listen to this Barry album with any current contemporary artists.  We think you'll see that song for song Barry is still relevant as ever." Or some weird shit like that.   I also got a few more Olivia Newton-John albums, which may complete my 'need' list.  When the albums went bad, I took photos of all the ones I had, so I need to check with the photos to see if there are any missing.  I also picked up five Bobby Sherman records.  I don't know why I pick them up, honestly.  I think it all started when I picked up that (horribly re-produced) Bobby Sherman Christmas album at Big Lots about 10 years ago.  It was so gawd awful that I loved it, so I've been picking up Bobby albums ever since.  I picked up a few more, to the tune of $22 bucks.  I went through the majority of their dollar bin stuff.  It's been a while since I done that (or even wanted to).  Poor Ian doesn't have a record player, so... in rare form... he bought nothing.  After we were done, it was 3pm and I had to head back to M-ville.  It was a good time!


Last Tues, M and I had to head to Cinci to go to a funeral (no fun).  But on the way to Cinci, since we had a little time to waste, we stopped at the Half Price Books in the Fairfield Commons area (fun!).  While there, I found two movie packs I had been looking for.  One was the Burnt Rubber 20 movie pack.  This set features all movies about cars or racing.  I think I probably own 3 or 4 for them already, but I liked the idea.  I got that one for $4.99.  The other was Hollywood Legends 50 movie pack.  I think I paid $7.99 for this one.

Now, normally the story would end here.  I got some more movie sets and that usually would curb my appetite.  However, that was not the case that day.  I had just gone through all my vinyl LPs and found that some of them were toast due to the flood in my sisters basement.  And I was looking to replace them.

So, after the funeral we went to the Half Price Books that is in the Hamilton area.  Don't ask me exactly which one since I'm not from the area and my wife does all the driving.  Anyways, I went in looking for LPs.  And I found TONS of them.  I completed the majority of my Barry Manilow needs from the 49 cent bin, and all of them were in very good condition.  It was awesome.

And the story should end there, but it doesn't.   The last time we were there, I noticed the Warriors 50 Movie Pack, but it was $9.99 and the last time I watched one of the Hercules movies that was on the Sci Fi 50 Movie Pack, I just wasn't that interested.  However, out of curiosity I checked... and they had just reduced the price to $7.99.  *sigh*  I told the wife that I wasn't going to get and she basically "Just get it! Sheesh!".

And the story should end there, but it doesn't.  After (re)finding the Warriors set, I looked up a could of shelves and found another familiar looking box.   It was called Prime Time Crime - The Stephen J. Cannell Collection.  I had NEVER heard of this one.  And I have pretty much liked everything that Mr. Cannell has ever written.  This box set contained the whole of four series that he did which never quite caught on: Missing Persons (18 episodes), Broken Badges (7 ep), Palace Guard (9 ep) and UNSUB (8 ep).  Plus, an episode from a few other shows he did.  You may have heard of some of them: 21 Jump Street, Booker, Cobra, The Commish, The Greatest American Hero, Hunter, Silk Stalkings, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe and Wiseguy.  This one is AWESOME.   The Mrs and I are both giddy to watch these 'failed' shows.  This was also for $7.99 I believe.

And the story should end there, but it doesn't   As we were leaving, something in the discount caught my.  The familiar 'fatty' case.  And there sat another set I did not know existed, Spaghetti Western 44 Movie Collection, for only $5.  So I picked that one up as well.

In one day, I picked up five movie packs.  Now THAT is Stupid Extreme!!!