Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm just that stupid

I posted before about my love of BAD movies. I have many of those 50 movie packs. Well, I picked up two more. Good golly. On the plus side, one of them, the Suspense 50 movie pack, I already have as part of the Action 100 movie pack... so I will be taking that one back.

The other one, The Way West, I picked up for $6.39 at Half Price Books (Suspense was also the same price). It is what is sounds like, a bunch of cowboy movies starring all of the greats: Tex Ritter, Jack Randall, Bill Cody, Bob Steele, Roy Rogers, Ken maynard, etc etc etc.

I must be stupid since this puts me into the 750 movie range. I haven't calculated out the total hours and all that crap yet. But I'll add it soon enough.


Here's hoping Half Price doesn't have another collection I don't already have for $5.99 again.


Bald Man Tom said...

You're not "stupid", you're just devoted to the art form :)

Darrin said...

I like the way you think Tom! That's exactly it. Of course, by that logic, I should be hitting the theater every weekend because most of what I see coming out now is complete dookie. I guess the dookie was different back in the drive-in theater days.