Friday, November 18, 2011

Still here ... November edition

Yeah... I'm still here.


The Mrs and I went down to Hocking HIlls... like a month ago. It was great to get away in that little cabin... with no TV. We went hiking and saw Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls. Then we ate some BBQ. Then we trekked all the way to Circleville for the last day of the pumpkin festival. We parked in some dudes backyard for $10, putting us like 1 block from the festivities. I got some deep fried pumpkin pie. It was F'ing tasty. Then we drove all the way to Athens and ate at O'Betty's, a kick ass hot dog place. It was tasty as well. Then we went back to the hotel and read books, where I read a good hunk of the 2nd Chris Jericho autobiography. It was good. (I got the first Chris Jericho autobio from the Dollar Tree, I believe).


The wife also got me the Ace Frehley autobio for our anniversary. Almost done with it. Good stuff. Ace did a lot of blow.


My satellite watching has been fairly sporatic. I haven't cataloged my sessions since September. I counted up the ones I haven't cataloged the other night and had 96. I think that puts me around the 850 mark. It'll be difficult to hit 1000 by the end of the year. I just have too much stuff to do.


Like watch shit on the BluRay player I bought about a month ago. I need to explain this one a little bit. Ya see... A friend of mine let me borrow a TV tuner card. Basically I plug cable into the back of my computer, allowing me to record TV show (at least for channels 2 - 70). I think it's stupid to have to pay TW $17.95 / mo. for DVR service as well as 7.95/mo for the newer box which can handle doing DVR (double dip much????) So, instead, I record the shows on my computer. The BluRay player is wireless, so I set up my own DNLA server (dont ask, just understand that it acts as a server to host the files), and so I can stream the shows to the BluRay player. The BluRay player also comes with all these other streaming 'channels' like Crackle which has free TV shows and Movies (it's owned by Sony, which is what I bought), and a bazillion other things like free concerts from Australlia (Megadeth and a couple of other bands), Flixter (movie trailers), and also access to tons of other pay services (like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, etc). I swear there are like 40 differnt channels that you can watch/listen to for free (as there are also free radio channels like Pandora, NPR, and a bunch of other shit I've never heard of). It's so awesome that it hurts and there's nto enough time in the day to watch shit. And do all the other things I should be doing. It used to be that if I wanted to start watching a new series, I'd have to make time to watch it.. and if I missed some episodes, that was usally the end of that since I would get behind with no real way to catch back up (unless of course TW had it OnDemand). Now, I just set the scheduler up to record every Weds at 10pm and BLAMMO, I can watch it whenever I want. It also serves as a DVD player, CD player and also has a USB port so you can put pretty much anything you want on that thing within reason (be it a usb flash drive or a big honkin extrenal USB drive). It's the goods.


Work is going better. But who cares. No one probably knew it was bad since I don't communicate with the outside world anymore. I'm a slave to my TV shows. Bad Darrin.


My wife is done with Christmas shopping. In fact, she was probably mostly done a week ago. That's a new record right there. I have a hard time gearing up for Christmas until its officially after Thanksgiving, regardless of the fact that 93.3 starting playing 24 hour Christmas tunes BEFORE HALLOWEEN this year. That just blows my f'ing mind.


I did not go to the record show on Nov 12th. And I didn't really miss it either. I have 10 boxes of LPs downstairs that I haven't even peeped at since I moved into the house (well, techincally, it was impossible to do so since 90% of them were in my sisters basement 150 miles away). In other news, I'm nearly done listening to my CDs (I started a few months back and have been on a tear). I have only the boxset and Christmas CDs to go. I'm also in the home stretch for listening to all my cassettes. I saved the best for last as the last 2 or 3 holders have all the good metal stuff (Metallica, Dokken, Motley Crue, Leatherwolf, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Winger, etc). I'm not sure what I'll do at the end. Might Craigslist a whole crap load of stuff... or I'll just hoard it some more. I can't get rid of all my cassettes as the car doesn't have a CD player and since that thing has 115k on it, I'm not about to have someoen crack open the dash and install something new into that old car. It's a good car and gets me where I want to go at 30 MPG (which is badass for a 6 cylinder from 2001).


Sugar gives me heartburn. Esp donuts. And I love donuts.


I have nothing more to say for now. Adios mi nachos!!!

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Ian C Stewart said...

cool about the Blu-Ray player. That's an expanded system of how I watch stuff now. Very cool.

& thanks for the Ace spoiler. He did drugs?!?!??!!?!??