Friday, July 01, 2011

Quick update - July 1st 2011

Discovered this game called "canvas Rider" the other day where you pedal a bicycle along a trail. Except the trail is someones drawing. Just go look at it and check it out. It's addicting and I suck terribly at it.

Purchased a big old Little Tikes playhouse for the kids a week or so ago. I put it together 2 days ago and basically the kids have been inseparable for it. The Mrs even spent two and a half hours outside with the kids which is basically unheard of since typically they would just run off. So, everyone is happy (well, most are, the Mrs is starting to get a bit pinkish from being outside so much).

Managed to get a very quick satellite spot in the other day. Went outside, saw the ISS for about 5 seconds and then came back in.

Speaking of the ISS (and also the space shuttle), space shuttle Atlantis is launching for the last time July 8th. This is also the very last space shuttle launch ever. Wish I was down there to see it. My hopes was to see it either orbiting or attached to the ISS. I've missed the other last shuttle launches as well, unfortunately. Well, I looked at the satellite spotting schedule and the outlook is just as bad. Basically the entire time the shuttle is attached to the ISS, it will not be visible in the evening sky. In fact it won't be visible at ALL (day or night). So that's a bit of a drag. I'm going to have to go back through my old ISS sightings and see if maybe, just maybe, the shuttle was attached during one of those sightings. I'm not holding my breath since there have only been a few shuttle launches since I started satellite spotting.

Work is going well. No complaints there, except that I'm disliking WebTables at the moment. Trying to pull info otu of these things via QTP is a bear (if not impossible at times). Grrrrrrrrrr.

Hope everyone has a great July 4th. Maybe I'll see you a a BBQ.

Peace out!

Here's the time-line for the evening of:
Date: 29-June-2011 Wednesday

10:13 PM - Name: ISS aka International Space Station - Magnitude: -2.9
Int'l Designator: 1998-067-A
This is my 20th sighting of the ISS. It was also the 650th object I've seen. W00t!

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