Thursday, April 07, 2011

old job -> new job = new stuff

Well, in case you hadn't heard, I got myself a new job last Friday. W00t! I also received my severance package from my former employer. There were quite a few things that the Mrs and I had been wanting to get for a while, so we've been splurging a little bit.

The first thing (I think) was that I got a new pair of dress shoes. My old ones weren't actually all that old, however, the sole came off. I gorilla glued the darn thing back on, however it was a pain in the butt carrying around black electrical tape with me whenever I went on an interview for fear that it would fail me at an inopportune time.

Yesterday I also bought a new suit at JCPenney. $99.99 for jacket and pants. Nice! I saved so much money that I also got the vest for shoots-n-giggles. I also got it altered so it will fit super nice. For facts sake, the jacket I was wearing to interviews was a 38 Short. When I got my sport jacket for my sisters wedding a few years ago, I needed a 40 Short. My new suit is a 42 Short. Just call me chunky-wunky from now on. :-P

We also purchased a new bedroom suite. Neither one of us has EVER had matching bedroom suites, went looking the other day with lil A in tow (and lil A was VERY good thank goodness) and we found something we both liked.

With the new bedroom suite means that the loft will likely change from the computer area to a 'reading room'. We have four bookshelves in the bedroom now, but the light wood on those wont anywhere match the dark cherry furniture we picked out... so... out they must go.

But what about M's computer, well... we've been looking to get a new laptop for school (since the other one crapped out in only two years), so the thinking is that we will buy a small computer desk for the lappy and put that in the bedroom. The bookshelves will go upstairs and the mondo computer desk will go...

DOWNSTAIRS!!! Where I am in the process of making Super Desk part DEUX! The previous super desk was made from my old L disk, an older and much smaller desk that M had and then a printer stand... all of which made a U shaped surround around desk. The new super desk is basically the big mondo hutch desk with printer stands on either side. I just measured and it is 8 1/2 feet wide. It literally takes up the one side of the wall. YES!!! And... this allows me to put the TV where it should go and clears up the middle of the room so i'm not constantly having to move around shit.

We are also in the process of fixing some crap that's needed fixing for a while. Like the squeaky breaks on the van, having someone fix the rattling furnace, and have someone take a look at the newly developed leak in the roof. Egads.

So, all is good here. With money not being such an issue and the Mrs and I have had in depth discussions about need to be done / purchased with said severance, I'm not such a bitchy bastard for the time being. Once the new job starts we'll have to re-budget and all that happy crap and try, once again, to stay within those budgets so we can actually plan to get new stuff yearly instead of every time I get laid off. :-P


Ian C Stewart said...

new job, nice!

Todd S. said...

Congratulations, man!! Very cool!!

Amelia said...

cool on the new job and cool with extra money!