Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Darrin

After my interview was done... I stopped in at he Borders that is going out of business on Sawmill. Most stuff was at least 40% off... some has high as 75% (if you like holiday CDs). Of course, I meandered over to the DVD section... and of course they had some of the 50 Movie Packs. So, at 40% + 10% off I picked up a couple more of them. Legends of Horror and Western Legends. Bad Darrin. Some of the movies are even repeats from other sets I already have. I think there are about 15 from the Legends of Horror collection that I have on other sets. I'm not sure on the Western Legends one, though I'm guessing it's about the same number. Bad Darrin.

I also picked up the Indigo Girls 'Rarities' CD for $5. I don't feel bad about that particular purchase.

I blame Dan at work. He was going to take me out to lunch, but of course he didn't tell me that until he emailed me at work... where I was not. Had I known free food awaited me, I would have skipped Borders and eaten lunch. Instead, I bought more stupid-ass movies and picked up sushi from Kroger. I blame Dan.


Ian C Stewart said...

I'm going to miss Border's!

Todd S. said...

I miss MediaPlay AND Borders....guess I need to start perusing Half Price Books and all...seeings how they went to all that trouble to put one in Westerville for me and all.