Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'm sorry... but...

...Josh Groban cracks my shit up. First there was the song he did on ... the Emmy's where at one point he actually sang The South Park, Love Boat and Prince of Bel-Air themes (amongst many others). Then he did a cheezy tune with Ben Folds and has sang with him a couple of times on tour.

And now this... from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Josh Groban singing Kanye West's tweets.

I'm sorry, but Josh Groban is some funny shit. I'm glad he doesn't take himself very seriously. My wife dislikes him, not so much for his voice but because as she says "he rolls his eyes back into his head when he sings. i like josh groban as long as i don't have to watch him." :-P I admit, with the limited exposure I've had, I think his voice is quite good and can actually do more than his usual 'broadway' timbre.

He's the Kanye West thing which brought this post to fruition:

Here's the Emmy thing:

Ben Folds / Josh Groban - "Life is a Masquerade" (written as a joke. if you don't listen to the lyrics, the music and melody is quite good)


Ian C Stewart said...

Oh yeah, he hosted Nevermind The Buzzcocks last week, that was pretty hilarious. I never heard of the guy but he was awesome.

Ian C Stewart said...

Nice, you can watch the entire episode on his site!

Todd S. said...

Never been much of a Groban fan (or hater)...rather indifferent to the lad, but the ability to NOT take oneself seriously gets VERY high marks in my book (in crayon of course)....those were hilarious...thanks for posting!