Sunday, November 07, 2010

A weeks worth of updates and satellites

Here's a weeks worth of what's been going on... Enjoy!
This is a big post so just skip to the sections you care about.


I wrote the last update Halloween morning. The grandparent's came up to help take the kids out for trick-or-treat. I passed out candy. While I love seeing my kids all dressed up, I'm too much of a control freak to actual go out with them (actually, that's a crock cause when lil N was two, I was the one who went out with her and it was fun. Anyhoo... I set up my station in the driveway to pass out candy. Everyone else went out. Lil N was a cat, lil A was a dog. M said that after about 5 houses, lil N proclaimed 'I'm done.' And M said 'oh, heck no. I didn't bring the grandparents up here for 5 houses'. Also after about 5 houses lil A started getting restless. However, M being the quick thinking mom that she is, simply gave him a sucker and he was pleased as punch the rest of the evening. Also, at some point between houses, lil N out of nowhere exclaimed "I LOVE HALLOWEEN!". M said it was too cute.

I on the other hand was getting bombarded. Last year we had about 150 kids, I believe. I surveyed the candy and determined, yeah, we had plenty. 6pm rolled around and within the first 15 minutes, I had already given out treats to 50 kids. The first BIG bag of candy was gone. It was a 100 pc bag, but I was giving out two since they were kinda small. I was starting to regret it already. I pretty much got hammered for the first hour and 15 minutes. All told, I had about 250 to 270 kids. Egads! I think much of that was due to Halloween actually being on a weekend, even more so a Sunday. Not many parents were having to scramble home from work n whatnot. Everyone had all day to think about it , prepare for it, etc. My Dad sat outside with me for a while. Since we were looking east, I was able to point out some satellites him. I had my clipboard with me since the ISS was heading overhead at 7pm (I missed it cause I was too busy handing out candy), so I got to write them down.


I finally got the car back on Tuesday evening. They fixed everything for a little under $2000. The price was lower than I had anticipated, so that was something to be somewhat happy about. I think they even fit the headlight that was out for 'free'. I also got a oil change out of it, but I don't really think they had much choice on that one. Anyways, it seems fine. Only occasionally is there smoke coming off the engine which is prolly it just burning off whatever fluids they got on it while handling the engine parts. Hopefully it doesn't burst into flames.


Saturday rolled around and it was record show time again. I headed up to the record show around 11am. I browsed and browsed and browsed. I kept looking for Ian but never saw him, I figured he was just blending in. Around 12:15pm there was a tap on my shoulder. It was Ian. He misread the email and thought I was picking him up (since I had done that once before) so he had just gotten there. Since we were suppose to meet Todd for lunch at 12:30pm, I rang him up. Unfortunately his dog was sick so he wasn't going to be able to make it (Get well soon, Sammy!) So I kept perusing. Ian much have worked at breakneck speed and I must have been crawling since I was actively looking through various $1,$2 record bins. After about an hour Ian said he was done and I hadn't even gotten to the last row. I was already out about $20 so I figured it was okay to call it a day. After the record show, we headed over to the Mafia King Gyro Shoppe (that's not it's real name) and shot the crap for a couple of hours. I had a reasonable lunch (just a #1 for $5.99) unlike last time when my bill came out to $16.

Here's a quick list of what I picked up:
LP - 1974 - Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies and Gentle Men" = Yes, that is the entire title of the album. It's even on the spine that way. This is a three album with a nearly useless gatefold. And it was $2. W00t!

LP - 1972 - Foghat - "Foghat" = I believe this is Foghat's debut album. It contains 'I Just Want To Make Love To You'. Ithas a totally lo-fi 2 color cover with brown ink.

LP - 1973 - Buddy Rich - "The Monster" = A two LP classic from the man on the drums himself. This should be a sweet listen.

LP - ??? - Mercury Records presents Zig-Zag Festival. I don't know what the hell this 2 LP collection is. At first, I actually thought it was a recording for some 1970s festival, however I'm not so sure now. I honestly think it is just a Mercury Records sampler trying to cash in on the Woodstock craze. Here's a pic of the record.

LP - 1984 - "Electric Dreams" Original Soundtrack = This is the soundtrack for a movie about a guy and his computer. I love this movie. They've never put it out on DVD. Even the VHS copies are hard to find. Anyhoo, finding this was truly a 'no way!' moment. It's in pristine condition with the shinkwrap still on it.

CD - 1995 - fourplay - "Elixer" = This is a group that does smooth jazz. I got their debut album as a promo when I was working at the video store. Good stuff.

CD - 1985 - Leonard Berstein conducts "West Side Story" = This is a 2 CD album. It was a dollar. I love "West Side Story" so I couldn't pass this up. I believe I have the DVD which shows the making of this album.

CD - 1984 - Queensryche - "The Warning" = At some point I had this CD, however it has gone missing. I suspect grabby little fingers from moving it on me. Anyways, this was my most expensive item at $4.

and now, the pièce de résistance,

CD - 2009 - Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise - The Musical" = That's right. Eddie Money made a musical about his life. He's even on the darn thing. It must be the world's shortest musical with only 7 songs on this CD (including one listed as "Intro"). I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one. Even more amusing is that the only Eddie Money song I recognize on this thing is "Two Tickets To Paradise".


I'll list my satellite sessions later.

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