Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A couple talks and 1 sat

Well, in case you didn't know already, my company is canning our office. See ya later. My date of departure is something like end of March. yay. (note the lack of capitals and exclamation points) No one likes dealing with this. But, on the uppity side, I did have a couple talks with a recruiter and a local business who has some openings. The first few are always hard. One doesn't have their speech down pat yet. One hasn't truly discovered or learned to articulate what skills they have gained at their current position quite yet. It's always that way for me and I get all down n crap and whatever. I've had a couple other calls come in on my cell phone with the dead battery so I will have even more opportunity to get my confidence up and my spiel down.

When I got home from my one after work, I got out of the car, looked outside and saw a satellite plain as day. It was kind of comforting for some strange reason. Then my wife got me (us) an early Christmas gift in the form of the super duper deluxe version of While Christmas with Bing and Danny and Vera-Ellen and Rosemary. We watch it every year (along with A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown, Grinch, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians). Occasionally we'll watch Christmas Vacation. I feel maybe like I'm missing one... but that covers it for the most part. The other tradition is listening to the Tejano Country Christmas on CD. The most awesome Christmas CD ever. And usually the Beach Boys Christmas.... and then the Christmas album that I had when I was a kid that Todd found a few years back and I ripped (and cleaned up) and put on CD. And usually the Bobby Sherman Christmas CD that I got at Big Lots and is a mishmash of songs from his two Christmas LPs which have been mixed in interesting ways (some of the songs sound like they are coming out of a Folgers can).

Anyhoo... I'll stop gibber jabberin' and give you the satellite session (all 1 satellite).

Here's the time-line for evening of:
Date: 23-Nov-2010 Tuesday

6:51 PM - Resurs 1-4 Rocket - 2.5 Magnitude
Int'l Designator: 1998-043-G
This is my 21st sighting of this old faithful Zenit-2 rocket which put a Russian Resurs-O1 earth observation satellite and 5 others into space in 1998.

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