Thursday, September 09, 2010

Can you say TASTY?!!?!?!

This just looks awesome. I'd eat it for sure. Too bad I think they only have it in Japan.

The girl in the video is known as Gal Sone. She's awesome. She is one of the more well known competitive eaters in Japan. She can put away food like crazy. I've seen the video where she eats 6 kg of curry (Japanese curry, not Indian curry) in 23 minutes. BTW, 6 kg is 13.2 lbs. Oh, and she weighs something like 100 lbs. I've also seen her woof down 100 pieces of sushi like it wasn't anything.

Here's an old article from 2007 about her. The youtube video link is toast since several of the Japanese TV channels cleared out nearly all of the videos she was in.

Here's her blog if you want to see posing with people you don't know and pictures of food that you have no idea what it is.

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Bald Man Tom said...

Ugh. I think my cholesterol went up 50 points just looking at that...