Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Had an interesting Mother's Day.

Woke up and told the wife 'We're going out for breakfast'. Lil kiddo said she wasn't feeling well, but we atrributed that to her not eating much the day before due to her tonsillectomy. Rolled into Waffle House. Strapped the one kiddo into the high chair. The other one, made her way into the booth, and then, informed us again she was not feeling well... and puked into the diaper bag. So wife takes kiddo back to the car, I unbuckle the other one and walk back out. This all occurred within 30 seconds of finding our booth in the restaurant. So, we drove back home. Daddy (that's me) went and nabbed some McD's breakfast for the Mrs.

A couple of hours later, my parents came into town to watch the kids and let the Mrs and I get a little kid-less time. We went to Graffiti Burger for lunch. It was tasty. We both got the namesake. The Mrs didn't care for the zesty slaw on top but other than that she liked it. I thought it was as awesome as the first time I ate it. Got the milk shake for $3. I wasn't overly impressed with that. We also got 1/2 lb of fries. All told, it was $20, which is a bit expensive for get getting two burgers, some fries a shake and two drinks. But, still good.

We then hopped over to the Dublin AMC and saw 'Hot Tub Time Machine'. The original plan was to see 'Babies' but it wasn't playing until 3pm and we didn't know if lil kiddo was gonna have a meltdown or not as she was less than pleased when we left. Anyways, I have to say that this was an interesting pick for a Mother's Day movie. We both wanted to see it when the previews came out, so it seemed like the next logical choice. It's very hard to descibe how I feel about this movie, so I just won't. Go see it and you'll understand.

The Mrs while she somewhat enjoyed it, it certainly didn't give the 'fulfilling movie' feeling. So, I called the grandparents to determine that the kiddos were just fine. I looked at my watch and figured that if we busted ass, we could haul on down to the Lennox and JUST make the movie. And haul we did. And make the movie we did as well. We literally sat down (it was CROWDED as all heck) and had about 5 minutes of trailers and then the movie start.

'Babies' was what it sounded like if you've seen the previews. It's an un-narrated clip show about the first year of life for four babies. They were from various locations across the globe as to show the child-rearing differences. One was from San Francisco, one was from Africa, one was from Japan and one was from Mongolia. I didn't realize that it wasn't going to be narrated at all, but that didn't bug me really. There was also very very minimal music. Probably a little bit every 15 minutes or so would be my guess. Not alot.

We then trekked home, stopping by to get some Wendy's for all.

It was nice to spend time with the Mrs as I was about at my wits end. Hopefully, for the most part, I hope she enjoyed herself as well.

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