Friday, February 12, 2010

Natta Much

Not much going on in my world.

Lil N started preschool about 2 or 3 weeks ago. She's been doing quite well, so that cool news. I was worried she was gonna freak out, but on most days she loves getting on the school bus.

Work was nutty forever and finally let up mid-January. I was getting a bit tired from the 2 months of 60 - 80 hr weeks + most weekends. The wife was a really trooper through it all. Glad that shit is done... for now.

Totally missed the record show last weekend since the invite went to the old house and then had to be forwarded. Show was on the 6th, but I got it reminder on ... the 7th. D'oh! The next one comes on May 8th, so mark your calendar. Admission is still $4 or $3 with a card. Whee!

Gonna get the taxes tomorrow. I was glad to hear from my tax dude that I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money I made from the house since I pretty much stuck the 'profit' right back into the house I bought, which, since it is my second home, I can get the $6500 credit thingy, I think. Not sure exactly how that one works, but I won't get that one right away. This one has been weird from the beginning I believe where you have to file separate paperwork. I just read something where they made it sound like you had to have purchased your second home between Nov 6th 2009 and April 30 2010. Which we purch'd before then. Trying to read the actual IRS doc is a bit difficult. Grrr... and this is why I pay someone to do my taxes. (Reading more from, it looks like we missed out. It appears that you had to close on Nov 6 or after. That's fucking bogus, but whatever... if that's the case then my tax dude'll tell me so.)

I'm tired of shovelling and I hope that lil' 1 to 2 inches we are supposed to get just kinda pass us by... or blow away or something.

Nothing much else to report, really.

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Ian C Stewart said...

word up to starting preschool!
glad the work craziness is over. too bad about the record show but there's always the next one!