Thursday, November 05, 2009

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

I need to find this on DVD somewhere. I checked redbox, but sadly they aren't stocking it. Looks like I might be able to get it from the Marysville library. I've placed my reserve on Anvil! The Story of Anvil!

The funniest (and saddest) part about all this, is that some of the older CDs are not going for good money (like $35). For example, their first major label release 'Strength of Steel' is going for that. I can officially say that I had this on CD (which in itself was rare). I believe I picked it up out of a bargin bin from Camelot Music in Piqua, OH. I have to say that I disliked it, so I remember trading it at a flea market in Columbus for a bootleg of Skid Row's 'Slave to the Grind' which had the now deleted track of 'Get the fu&# out' on it. I still have that cassette somewhere. But I have it on CD now as well. Which makes me wish that I still had that Anvil CD, which I am fairly certain is the only CD I've ever traded away. (I take that back, recently I've been selling off CDs, but at the time, 15 years ago, I really didn't get rid of anything.

I'm not sure what brought that on. I think it went something like this... was listening to some Iron Maiden, the Piece of Mind album... I was looking at the wiki for Iron Maiden... then looked at the wiki for McBrain which described his single pedal footwork... which noted a very specific song on the Flight 666 movie... which lead to youtube... which reminded me that the Anvil movie was also out there.


Ian C Stewart said...

ahhhh i just never got into anvil ever. i probably won't bother now, just since they're so popular now. i already liked W.A.S.P. in the early 80s, and Venom, so already got my fill of super cheesy chest-pounding whatever metal.


plus KISS & King Diamond obviously. and Slayer & Metallica.

Todd S. said...

I actually watched the movie. It was on maybe? It was....meh. Not my thing. Clearly. Not even really from a filmmaker standpoint. Nothing about the movie made me really care and the music was....well, not my thing. I think I was in to Whodini and UTFO and erm Styx and Boston while y'all were in your metal phase (I may be liberally using the word 'were'...but yeah...:-)

I think there were some Anvil albums in the big batch that went out the door during the garage sale. Not that that really helps anyone now...except me...because I have more storage space.

So...when were we getting together for Bubba's Chili Parlor again?

Todd S. said...

because what's really funny is...the whole time I'm watching this, I'm thinking how much the one dude looks like Victor (remember Victor...Finger...from FIZZ?). LOL. THAT made it more amusing.

My word verification is 'sitizat'...that's funny.

Darrin said...

awwwwww man! it was on VH-1 and i missed it. phooey!

and yeah... victor.

There's this band named Saber....

Todd S. said...

Heh! That's the one!