Tuesday, August 25, 2009

let the sun shine... let the sun shine in...

very quick note to give the latest in the house dept:

1) the electrician put the new panel in. it works. yay!

2) the radon peeps put in the thing. it doesn't look like much and now the house has a slight hum like someone left the fan on in a bathroom somewhere. there is a little gauge which shows that the radon fan is pulling out air. it was showing much movement, so i was growing concerned that the numbers were gonna be bad. got the results today... 0.8. yay! that's below 4.0... and MUCH below our previous number. so, all is good there.

3) talked briefly with the title peeps who are doing both closings. they still need something from the new lender (who probably just got the definitive profit numbers from the title company for selling my soon-to-be old house. i just wish they would get me my final number already. kinda hard to show up with a check if you don't know how much to make it for. it makes me more edgy since i know i am cutting the numbers a little closer than i would normally like, so if i have to do some last minute scramblin' (which I shouldn't have to do if all my numbers that _I_ worked out are close)... but you never know when people start adding in fees here and adjustments there and whatever. i'm sure it'll all be fine.

4) it's gonna be weird moving into a new house. i've been in this one for 10 years. at least 4 different bands have played in the basement (sucking in large amounts of radon, of course ;) ) it was my first house that i got as a bachelor and figured, at least for a little while, that i was just gonna grow old and alone in that house. of course, a few short years later i met my wonderful wife (who has proved that she's both a saint and wonder woman in the past 2 months) and then had two kids. i've watched spare room become, offices and offices become nursery and bedrooms and watch the old band stomping grounds go from a desolate room with drums to an office crammed with so much stuff that it wasn't possible to walk through. 10 years in that house. i've gone from all rooms in the house being one color to painting most of the rooms different colors. i've replaced siding, roofs, gutters, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, light switches, carpet, electric panels and more things than i care to remember at the moment. i've had fans installed and uninstalled and ceiling lights put in. 10 years. i was talking to a friend and it certainly doesn't feel like 10 years. i guess time flies by when your having fun. the old house is just about fun'ed out... but a new house will begin another chapter of fun for everyone.


Ian C Stewart said...

yeahhhh! good times.

Todd S. said...

10 years....Yeah. It doesn't seem like that long, eh? I think I've been in a few of those bands in some capacity :-) Definitely good times. Pizza/Wings/Deathrace...or the Wraith... BBQ's on the back porch...watching my homey's daughter's first birthday. Damn. Good times.