Monday, August 17, 2009

Keep on truckin'...

Well... the electrician stopped in for about 4 hours today and replaced the panel. Joy o' joys! The other installer comes in on Wednesday to mitigate the slight radon problem in the basement. MORE FUN!!! I think they are stopping by the soon-to-be-old house to do the appraisal. Not sure when they are doing the appraisal on the new property. Hopefully soon. Once all the appraisals are out of the way and all the numbers come back the way they should, then... and only then... will I actually be breathing easier ... at least until I remember that we still have to sign off on all the mitigations that they have to do to the soon-to-be new place... which takes place I believe four days before the closing. Come to think of it, the new peeps have to do the same. And UHaul isn't calling until like 24 hours before to tell me WHERE to pick up my truck (since the one nearby doesn't handle the 26 footer that I want).

In other words, I'm gonna be a basket case until closing day.


In other news, I hit two big milestone in the Music Counter project: 2000 hours and 30000 songs. Actually, I've been at 30000 songs for a while... but the 2000 hours I finished up today by listening to the soundtrack for the original Little Shop of Horrors. FEEEEED MEEEEEE!


Yeah... I got nothing else. I need to get Ian his pile of stuff. I think I had stuff for Todd, but it might have been packed away. I still might go to the rekkid show if Todd still wants to (since I think Ian already said he wuz gonna be bizzy that day packin' up the shit (some of which I hopefully already have given to him).

Tt-t-t-t-t-t-t-that's all folks!

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Todd S. said...

you gots stuffs for me? I thought I was supposed to bring housewarming stuffs? :-)

Rekkid show is gonna be out for me. It's our last weekend sans kids before school starts and I've got a nice little list of projects I need to do (oh, and there's that whole 'no money to really do much' thing, but that ain't no thang).

I worked out the thing for Thursday. I'll be leaving work around 130 and at your place in the amount of time it takes for me to get from 270/Cleveland Ave to (soon to be former) Casa D'Ailes.

So..yeah, that's all I got.