Monday, March 30, 2009


I just finished up yet another MP3 CD and that put me over the 26000 mark.

To date, I have listened to 26093 songs for 1643 hours, 32 minutes and 5 seconds.



In other news, I got to go through all the parts for the swing set and it all appears to be in order.

I also want to say that, Jym and all the other meteorologists are snake oil salesmen. ALL WEEK LONG Saturday was supposed to be raining and T-storms with a 70% chance of precipitation. Do you know what we got on Saturday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I could have put the swingset together and it would have been peachy.

However, I'm glad that the forecast was as it was because this gave me time to ready the instructions carefully on the playset as well as take inventory. Everything is in good order, so hopefully next weekend will be sunny (or at least not rainy) and Tom and I can get that sucker together.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I wish my children would stop getting up so early. Lil N got up at 5:15am this morning. The wife has had it bad for the past month, so I got up. No getting that kid back to bed, so we turned on the TV and watched some Jack's Big Music Show. But of course, once that was over she started calling for mommy 'cause I guess I'm chopped liver. After 15 minutes of whining, the wife caved and had to come out to keep the peace. *sigh*


In other news, the swingset is on it's way. Walmart gave me a tracking number, but I was having trouble using it to find out where my shipment was. But I found ANOTHER website owned by the parent company, so now I know that it's sitting in Fairfield, OH. I bet it will be here by Wednesday. I actually hope so. That would mean that I could put it together on Saturday as long as it is nice out.


When the last wind storm hit about a month ago, it flipped over my grill and busted up the plastic table that I've had since I moved into the house 9 years ago. So, the other day we went out and bought a table and chairs from Old Time Pottery. While it was made in China, I was actually quite impressed with the quality of the paint job on it. I'll have to post some pics of it soon.


On Sunday, I finally got outside to rake the rest of the leaves that had been sitting out there since last fall. It took a while, but now it's done. Thank goodness. It's been driving me nuts all winter.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just A Gigolo... not really

Okay, I must be an idiot because I had no idea that the David Lee Roth song "Just a Gigolo" was a cover. I'm listening to a recording of 'Just a Gigolo' by Ben Bernie and His Orchestra from


How did I not know this. I'm usually pretty good about putting someone in their place when they say 'Song X by Artist Y is awesome. How do they write such a good song?' to which I would usually inform them that they are an imbecile and that it was originally done by so-and-so.

Man, I knew that DLR didn't WRITE this one... but I didn't know it was a song from the 1930s. This throws me for a serious loop at the moment.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Early March update

Well, things are starting to feel better after surgery. Some of my stitches came out a little bit early, so that's the most annoying thing at the moment.


I signed up for a couple of the digital to analog TV converter box coupons from the government. I got them a while back and went to WalMart and picked one up. I finally had a chance the other day to hook that sucker up. It was pretty cool, especially the part where you get channel and show info. The odd side is that with my current cable setup, I only get 2 PBS channels. When I was trying out the converter box, I found out that there are 3 PBS channels current. WTF Time Warner? Toggling the close captions on this converter box is a pain in the arse. There are like 7 channels that CC can be on. The other dorky thing about my magnavox convert box is that there are NO controls on the box itself. Hope I never lose the remote.


I got my taxes done the other day. I'm getting much more back than I thought, so that's good. We should be able to put away a good hunk of it and still get a few things done like...


Getting a swingset for the lil' one. Seems that Walmart has this cheap, yet cool swingset for $300.
check it out here

$300 is awesome. I was gong to build one myself originally. After I found this one, I looked up the prices on the various braces and swings and whatnot. The braces alone (that would be like 6 pieces of metal) could have cost me nearly $75 alone. Geeez. And the slides cost anywhere between $89 and $150. Ooof.

Most of the reviews are the playset are very positive. Some people claim that the wood is a bit soft and that sometimes the boards split and complained that they had to drill out some of the holes. I'm thinking the splitting is going to happen no matter what kinda wood you use. I really wanted to get a wooden swingset so I could add on in the future if I felt like it. Also... if something breaks on a wood swingset you can fix it. I'm actually getting kind of excited about putting it together.... well, except for the 8 to 10 hours that most people say it takes to put it together with two people.

Tom??? Where are you Tom????? ;-)