Thursday, February 26, 2009

late Feb update

Just a few notes...

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow's surgery. I'm not ure why. I know what all is entailed. I'm sure I'll be fine. If I'm not, I'll be callin' up my peeps for moral support or whatever.


The Kroger Marketplace near me had the Coby 1GB Clip player for 4.99 again, so I picked one up for the wifey. She loves it! Now, here's the kicker... I went the following week... and in the same freakin' bin... they upped the price back up to 14.99. Kroger's is so stupid. Actually, more stupid is something else. Right across from the in-store jewelry store, is this little 'island' that houses the 'expensive' perfume. In this cabinet, they have these 512 _MB_ Coby players for... $39.99. It's been that price for so long that the price tag is faded to nearly nothing. They always have fairly nice stuff over in their reduced bin. They should put these (and half of the other 'electronic gadgets' that they have in this display in there.

BTW, I'm digging my Coby. I don't get to use it much, but when I have, it's been cool. Though, I did find out that the coby does not like folders. WTF is up with that? *shrug* Oh well, the main reason I got something like that it because I usually like to shuffle anyways. So cram all those files in there and away we go!!!


I'm hoping a get a nice tax return, esp with having a new kiddo. The savings account could use some padding. At the moment, the 'experts' are saying one should have 8 months worth of salary available. It used to be 6 months. I know how much I make and that is not a small amount of scratch. If I could get 2 months worth in there, that would make me feel at least a little bit better.


Work has been nutty as always. We had that layoff a month ago which halved my department, which also halved my team. So, we've been working on the current build of the product for the past TWO MONTHS. I'm getting a bit burnt out on it. At least the end is nearing, I can see the light... in June. :(


I had some other witty comments, but I for the life of me can't remember what they are. Feel free to comment on... anything.

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Ian C Stewart said...

it's natural to be nervous about surgery. but i'm sure you'll be fine. then you can start shooting blanks like the rest of us.


oh yeah & the coby 1 gig does NOT like folders, i found that out the hard way too. i was like, why is it only playing this one song over & over? because that one song wasn't in a folder, that's why. otherwise it's a fun little thang.