Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what's new... january 2009 edition

Hmm... what's new.

I got the Juliana Hatfield memoir "When I Grow Up" for Christmas. I read it. It was cool. Basically it was part of a diary about her last tour and part history and recollections. So ther would be one chapter talking about a specific day on the tour. And the next would be about something in the past or her general view on something. Then lather, rinse, repeat. I feel bad for her. She has basically for the longest time not been able to enjoy herself, or her musical abilities, or anything else for that matter with out being depressed or self-conscious to a debilitating level. The end of the book is nice enough. Hopefully she can find some clarity and will continue to be at least a little bit happier.

Work has been crazy beyond words. Some long hours. Been having pains in my right shoulder. I'm sure it's just stress. The wife said if I keel over that she's brining me back to life, then killing me, then bringing me back to life, then killing me. Times that by like 5 and you can imagine how the actual conversation went. I have no want to die either, so um... yeah. Work might be nutty, but I still wanna see the kids grow up for crying out loud.

I'm on Facebook now for no apparent reason. I friended Todd and my wife and that was it. There are like 3 people from my HS who are on there but I didn't befriend any of them. Oddly, there were like 4 or 5 others under my HS who I had no idea who they were, pictures or not. I don't even think they went to my HS in general. I pretty much knew everyone 4 years ahead and 4 years behind and I did not know these people. And trying to find classmates when you went to THE Ohio State University for a specific year is a joke. I graduated in the summer and had something like 4500 people in my graduating class. That doesn't even count for the other 3 quarters where people can graduate, though the size of those classes is usually much smaller.

The wife and I put together a 'to do' list last weekend. There are still alot of things I need to do. One thing is to get organized to sell all sorts of crap on ebay. Daddy wants a new faucet for the kitchen so I better get on it. My one Glenn Miller boxset could go for some crazy number based on the price people are asking on Amazon for their and for one completed auction on ebay that I saw a while back. It'd be nice to have a nice hunk of change on just one sale. (heh ... I just found out that amazon now has the boxset for digital download for like 40 bucks. Oh well, sometime people still want the physical cds even though it can be much more expensive.)

Um... I miss y'all out there in internet land. I haven't forgotten ya. Sometimes, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the week (or month).