Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, everyone in the house is... for the most part... better now. Thank goodness. No one wants to go into the holidays sick.

Not much else going on. We got a new stereo for the living room. My parents gave me some money on my birthday to buy a new stereo. The old one was starting to become more and more tempermental. Most CD-Rs wouldn't play. In fact most regular Cds wouldn't play. It would just kinda skip over them as if there wasn't a disc in there one day and then the next it would work. It was a big pain in the butt. So, I got a new one from Wal-Mart. It's a Sony. And it doesn't have a cassette player. I think this is the first stereo I've bought that doesn't have a cassette. I don't use it that often, I know. But, since my car doesn't have a CD player, I actually used the old stereo the other day to dub off an album or two to cassette. No loss though, I have 2 boom boxes downstairs that I think can perform that function as well. I haven't tried yet, but I'm guessing that they should be able to do that.

Other than that, nothing else is new.

I wish everyone out there safe travels and a happy holiday!

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