Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, I did partake of a Bacon Cheddar Gordita Crunch. It was OK. It would have been better had I eaten it the second I pulled away from the drive thru. However, there was a 10 minute gap in there... and by that time the cheese sauce on the outside soaked into the crunchy taco shell... so it wasn't very crunchy. The bacon was smoky.

I think that the Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito was much better.


Amazingly enough this Christmas I did NOT get a Dilbert calendar. So I went to the mall at lunch. I never did find the usual calendar shop that sits in the middle of the mall walkway. I went to Waldenbooks, but they didn't have Dilbert. I covered the entire bottom of the mall and then moved upstairs. I was pretty much to the end of the mall and was thinking 'awww man... no Dilbert.' But then there was a Carlton Cards store and I decided to go in on a guess. I got lucky and Carlton Cards had the Dilbert page-a-day calendars, so I picked one up for 50% off. It's even in color this year, which is awesome! Historically they have always been black and white.

I also got some kick ass Christmas cards for 90% off. So I picked 20 nice foil ones for 2 bucks and 28 nice glittery ones for a buck sixty. That was awesome. If the wrapping paper was 90%, I would have got some of that as well... but it was only 75% off and we still have oodles of wrapping paper that we picked out last year.


Oh... speaking of wrapping paper, we finally ran out of the Batman Begins wrapping paper that picked up a few years back. I usually pick up one roll of just the most gawd awful wrapping paper and then use that to wrap Maryann's gifts cause, well, I find it to be funny. :) Last year I picked up a ginormous roll of Transformers Optimus Prime wrapping paper... so I started using that this year. It looks like this:

If the Mrs and I get out for the post-xmas sales this year, I'll have to check out the ugly paper again.

And very quickly, the whole ugly paper thank started probably the year I met M. I went to Target after the holidays and they had wrapping paper like 75 ot 90 percent off. There was this one roll of like 250 ft or something insane like that which had a partridge in a pear tree. It was horrible looking... and I love it. A big honkin bird sitting on a twig. It was great. It took forever to use it up. Then we went to Garden Ridge the following year and we decided to always pick up one roll of ugly paper. You know, the one with demented blury santa that is printed on really daark blue paper. :-P It's been tradition ever since. :) I guess technically we get two rolls of ugly paper. One which is traditional and ugly and then another which is capitalistic advertising ugly.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! May 2009 be a little less stressful and bring you loads of happiness. :)


Todd S. said...

Dude. That wrapping paper RULES!

I have not partaken of the BCGC yet. And I emphasize yet.

I, too, was Dilbert-less this Christmas, but the Star Wars 'Concept to Screen' desk calendar I got makes up for it.

Todd S. said...

Had one the other day. DEFINITELY better hot, not soggy.