Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, the new kiddo is around a week old now. Wish everyone would get on the same schedule though. Oooof. I think my wife got like 2 hours of sleep yesterday. I got about 5... which normally would be fine... if it were 5 continuous hours. But I wouldn't trade all of this tiredness for anything in the world since da baby boy is so cute.

I think 'm heading to the record show this weekend for giggles. I haven't been to one since 2006. I took Maryann with me, however she was pregnant with lil N and, well, the smell of the old musty records (and a few of the record collectors as well) got to her, so she ended up waiting for me in the car. It was a bit crowded since they weren't in the Vet Memorial and instead in some shrine rec area or something like that. I remember almost buying a DVD of a bunch of garage band / psychedelic videos. There was also some TV series that I half contemplated buying as well. It was some TV show that doesn't have a formal release and I'm not even sure it was a series I had ever watched. I guess I liked the way the case art was done or something. 'Medical Center - The full series'? Sure! Why not! The pictures look good.

Speaking of Medical Center, I was dorking around on a few of the ol' LP blogs last night and ran into into a rip of a record by Chad Everett called 'Chad'.

Why is this important? Well, a long long time ago, at the local homecoming fair there were games and rides and whatnot. One of the games was the cork gun game where you have to knock over targets. I remember playing this game and actually knocked over enough to get a prize. And my prize was ... this record. I had no idea what it was at the time. If I remember correctly, he guy running the stand had all sorts of 'cool' records on display and this what that I got. It was probably around... oh... 1980 something when I won this record which was recorded in 1976. I remember being really ticked off because this was NOT a cool record in my opinion. So, I guess now I'll finally get to listen to this piece of work and judge for myself with a more 'seasoned' ear and see how good it is.