Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr. Zurin says 'More power!'

... from the infamous blimp scene in "A View To A Kill", one of my favorite James Bond movies... mainly cause it is so bad and because Christopher Walken is in it (and mutters that line).

Actually, right now _any_ power would be nice. I'm sure Ian has it good cause he's over at his lady's house. Todd and Tom are probably a-ok 'cause I heard Westerville was spared. Kevin is one of the peachy keen few in Dublin who still have power. I, on the other hand, do not have power. Booo! MORE POWER!!! DO IT!!!

AS for the rest of the family, for how, we're doing okay. There are still places that have power, and those places have food. So that's fine. Our food in the fridge and freezer are probably already toast. And that's fine too. If I had half a cow in there like some families do, then maybe I'd make an effort to get it out of there and save it. But it amounts, for the most part to: 4 frozen (or unfrozen) pizzas, 5 lbs of ground beef, 1 bag of chicken breasts, 1 box of egg rolls (I'll miss those :( ) and various other left overs. That's pretty much it in the freezer. And the fridge had been mostly cleared out recently, so all that was really in there was some ketchup and whatnot. Half a gallon of milk. Nothing for me really to worry about. It's just gone (or soon to be gone) and that's how it goes. Places still have power. Places still have food. And tap water is just fine.

Thus far, the temperature in the house hasn't been an issue yet. It was quite nice last night, really. Once the hurricane like winds were over, there was a nice breeze that would go through the house and keep things cooled down to a respectable level.

So, for all of you viewers out there... we're doing okay. I know each and everyone of you would help with whatever if we asked, that just goes without saying cause all my friends are wonderful people. Who knows, we might call you tonight to see if you want to do dinner. Ya never know. ;-) But for now, we're just playing it by ear and doing what we can.

In other news, I was pretty much sick all last week to boot. From Tuesday evening through Saturday evening, I was dealing with my total body aching at every joint and having my fever spike and sending me into chills (even when standing in a warm shower) about... oh ... everything 2 or 3 hours. Not alot of congestion to speak of thank goodness, just an annoying 'dry' cough with not much behind it. It was alot of fun. But I'm mostly better now. Still coughing a little bit, but that's about it.

So, see? All's good. Now, let's have a few extra seconds of silence to pray that AEP gets this whole mess figured out quickly so 300, 500 or however many hundreds of thousands of people can get back to doing there thang.

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Todd S. said...

Our power blipped out last night around 5PM and just came back on about 2:30 today. So...not entirely scott-free (the family had to endure a night of me without my breathing machine).

And yes...our prayers are DEFINITELY with AEP and those still waiting for power