Monday, September 29, 2008

A little bit of this... a little bit of that.

Hmm... where to start... I had a whole bunch of stuff lined up in my head... and now... *poof*... they are gone.

Well, last weekend the family got to go to Leed's Farm. It was a lot of fun. The little one got to go down some slides, play in the hay, play in a 'corn' box (think sand box, but filled with corn instead). I even took the little one a lap or two around a race track in a pedalled go kart. We even met up with the White's there by coincidence and had lunch together which was nice since we haven't see them in forever. The bonus was getting to see their new little one.


Last Friday, I took the Vibe back to the dealership. It was a sad day. I really liked that little car. It got great gas mileage. I hauled all sorts of stuff in that thing. 20 bags of mulch? No problem. Haul the drums to a gig? Did that several times. 300 lbs of rocks? Sure, why not, though not recommended for long hauls.


This Friday, on the other hand, I had to take the 01 Grand Prix to the same dealership. I nearly didn't get out of the parking lot at work because the battery was dead. Boo. So we took the GP in. I could have just dropped another battery in, but I wanted to make sure that the alternator wasn't toast. As we were leaving, we saw the Vibe in the used car lot. My wife wife felt bad seeing it sitting there, lonely. But it's okay. Good memories in that car. I gave it back to them with only 31k miles on it when it was a 48k lease. It'll make a great car for some high school or college student. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did. :)


Took the little one to urgent care yesterday, which is no fun. She's been battling boogers for quite a while and when some of the boogers started being bloody, enough was enough so we took her in. But, no worries, everything is okay. It's just what it sounds like. A cold. I have to say, though, I take no joy in having to hold my daughter's head and arms at the same time while the doctor is trying to look in her mouth, ears and nose. But she's a trooper and settles down very quickly.


What else? I'm sure there is something else. I passed the 20k mark on the Music Counter. But that happened a while ago.

I can't think of them at the moment, so this information will have to suffice for now.

Hope your weekends have been good to you. Mine have been too short as of late. But that's the way it goes I guess.

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Todd S. said...

I can identify with you on the little one.

I remember having to take Jen in for her childhood vaccines, and at first they would draw blood from the feet.

I figured out, though, why they made me hold my baby girl's arms while they did that-it was to keep me from punching them dead in the face when they made her cry.