Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Crap

Here's a post for Ian since he wanted someone to do some blogging....

In the great MP3 listen-a-thon, I just finished up the Rolling Stones MP3 DVD. After 50 hours of the Stones (okay, 49 hours, 59 minutes and 39 seconds), I think I get the whole thing. They really have consistently put out decent stuff. The early shows are pretty darn good and their later ones are fairly decent as well. So, yeah, I get it. I still won't go out of my way to listen to them or see one of their concerts, but I guess the whole hoopla of it all.

As I mentioned to Ian already in email, I've discovered that the the beginning of 'Sacrificial Leg of Lamb' (one of my Devilcake contributions) is very close to the beginning of Dokken's 'Heaven Sent'. That's kinda funny and totally not done on purpose.

My boss gave me a spare MSDN folder so I can now store my sleeves in a nice cloth folder. It's pretty sweet.


I know that they aren't real onion rings, but I really really really like those onio whatevers that they serve at Burger King. It's probably more because of the Zesty dipping sauce that comes with them.

I almost wrote another Devilcake songs called 'Those aren't onion rings, they're onion things' in ode them. But I didn't.


Work's been busy as all get out. If it's not one thing, it's another. I can't seem to catch up or keep up or whatever. *shrug* I guess sitting here writing a blog entry doesn't help my case any, does it?


By the way, Woodstock had it's 39th anniversary last Friday. I didn't even bother updating my web page. *shrug* It's not like I was going to update all the links anyways.


I've been watching lots of Olympics. I like watching this stuff, seeing people at the top of their game. I did track n field and swimming. I even watched the entire marathon... though I was thinking that they were gonna cut in on the action to show some other sports... but nope... it was 2 1/2 hours of the marathon and that was it. And I watched all of it. I'm glad that the Romainian woman won. It was a gutsy move that has previously caused her to crash and burn, but this time it actually worked. So... good for her.


The Mrs. and I watched Enchanted last night. I had a love / hate going on with that movie. Some parts it was nice, other parts just annoyed the hell out of me. Overall, it was a decent movie, but I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it (got it free from the library).


I finished up the book "I Am Jackie Chan" the other night. I ripped through that book fairly fast. I got it for a dollar at Half Price Books. I dug the book a bunch and it made me want to see if the library has any copies of any of the Police Story movies. There was one Jackie Chan movie which involved a fight in a warehouse where these guys were throwing these little ball things that would explode on impact. That part was sweet... but I have no idea if it was from one of the Police Story movies or not. I'm hoping I can find that movie again. (I just went out and reserved 4 Jackie Chan movies.... yay!)


And that's all for now, y'all. Rock on! Especially to Todd who's (no lie) heading off to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp for the next five days and getting to play shows in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles (and one other California place that I can think of at the moment).

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Todd S. said...

So...funny story that I forgot to tell you. One of the VIPs on the bus (he came on in Vegas), Steve, was AT Woodstock.

It was very weird to hear his take on it. He said the music was GREAT (or there were pockets of great music throughout), but that the rest of it was shite. He said there were issues with water (and people in town selling a cup of water for $10)...and how he and his band traded a carton of smokes to someone for a roasted chicken.

I thought of us being dehydrated at Hookahville when he was telling me that story (he was 17 at the time and didn't tell his parents where he was going for the weekend...I can't even imagine).