Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fair going

Last night I came home and the wife said 'Get changed! We're going to the fair!' And who am I to argue with the potential of being able to eat tons of fried things.

When we got there and parked, we couldn't help but notice we were literally in the same spot where we were last year. At worst, we were maybe one row forward or back from last years spot. On the plus side, the police office helping us park didn't tell my wife to 'park more normally'. :) As we were loading the car, we noticed that it appears that the copy had us drive over a beer bottle. Didn't think much of it. Of course, I just got a call from the wife and the 'tire' light came on... so we probably have to get the tire patched. And there were only 300 miles on that tire. *sigh*... but no matter.. on with the story.

We walked the 5 miles to the front gate (okay, that's an exageration). Got to the gate and saw the sign that said that it was $10 per person. However, when I paid, it was only $10 for both of us to get in since there was a special. Yee haw!

So we got into the fair and started scoping out the food. I started looking for my favorite carnival food fo all time... the Giant Texas Pork Tenderloin sandwich. I quickly found that and had them load it up with pickles. We walked a bit farther and the wife got a hot dog from Schmidt's stand with kraut and some waffle fries. It was all very very very tasty. I loves me some giant tenderloin with tons o pickles.

Then we talked around some more. We got to see the butter cow and the giant butter Ohio Mr. Rushmore with the heads of all the U.S. presidents that came from Ohio.

After that we went to the little birthing booth thing they have there. They usually have an incubator with some eggs and then a couple pregnant cows. I got to pet a cow, but the little one wasn't so sure about this big honkin' animal with a running nose, so she was interest and said 'moooo!' but wouldn't touch it. So... um... yeah.

Then we went to the barn with chickens and turkeys and ducks and rabbits and geese. The little one enjoyed that a bunch! She was saying quack and gobble gobble and cockadoodledoo. It was all very cute.

By then it was about 7:30pm and the lil one was showing signs of fading, so we trekked back to the front of the fair. Of course, before we left we had to get a funnel cake... another wonderful staple and tradition of going to the fair. It was very tasty with all it's powdered sugary goodness.

And then we went home.

It was fun. I would have been sad had we missed going.

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Bald Man Tom said...

darrin -

Bummer 'bout the tire. That is teh suxxors.

So, how much food gawking did you do? Was there as much "Deep Fried and On a Stick" crap as there was when we went there a few years ago? And, more importantly, did anyone implement any of my suggestions? If so, I'm gonna be expecting royalty payments! I gots me a kid, soon to be two, to feed!