Saturday, July 05, 2008


Yesterday was a busy one for me.

Got up bright and early, but mainly because my daughter still thinks that 6am is a good time to get up. The first order of business was steam cleaning the carpets. I had t fiddle with it a bit this time because the brushes weren't turning around. They are air driven, so it something isn't quite right... no brushes. I checked what the told me in the manual but that didn't seem to do anything. Went online where I found out that they were air driven. Tried a couple more things. A few swift kicks (not based on a recommendation from online help) and then they started up again. I forget how long that took. I think a couple of hours. One shampoo and then 2 or 3 rinse cycles.

M and N took a nap around 11am I think. Me? I sat on the carpet with a pair of scissors for an hour. Why? Well, underneath the window it appeared as if someone had tried to clean the baseboards with a bleach based product, so the carpet was... um... bleached out. When I looked at it more closely the other day, I noticed that it was just the very top that was bleached. So, for about an hour I sat down with a pair of scissors and slowly chopped off the very top of the carpet in the affected area. Seems simple enough, but since it was right against the baseboard, you couldn't take out any big sections. It was all about using the very tip of the scissors, practically going at 2 or 3 strands of carpet at a time. When Maryann woke up I told her of my deed and she said she didn't even notice the bleached spot I was talking about. Oh well. I did and now I'm much happier about it.

Around 3pm the carpet finally was dry enough for me to start putting together the long 6 drawer chest. The last one I did was a tall 5 drawer dresser. I knew this one would be a little more complex simply because you got the center divider. At least this time most of the pieces were marked and those that weren't I quickly identified since I had put together the other one only a week ago so I was familiar with all the pieces. So, after four hours, at 7pm I was finally done. (There was a small break in there for me to eat pizza, but probably only 1/2 hour at the most.)

After it was done Maryann wanted to see what it would look like against a certain wall. Well, in order to see what the dresser was going to look like, you kinda need to crib. Sooooo... I went downstairs and grabbed all of the pieces and proceeded to put that together with the help of my wonder wife who had to decipher her dad's instructions. Wasn't too bad really. There actually wasn't that much to do, a few screws here and there and voila... crib!

So once that was done, then I decided well, if I have the dresser _and_ crib done, I might as well tackle the closet. The previous weekend (I think), I had pulled out the ancient 1970's carpet and the tack board. The wife helped me out by sweeping the space during the week sometime. We had bought some carpet square on the cheap at Big Lots last weekend, so I set about measuring and figuring out my game plan. So I measured and cut and did all that as well. That took probably another hour. So, I think by now it was either 9 or 10pm. It's all a big blur. While we got them on clearance, I have to say, the carpet tiles did really well. The glue was very sticky and that it is a good thing. It'll last a little while I think... as long as I don't tear it up trying to get the tall dresser back into the closet.

After all that, I finally got to sit down, eat some wonderful chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, drink some milk and watch the neighbor's shooting off some fireworks.

Whew! Thank goodness all of that is done. All that is really left is decorating the room with pictures and getting all the furniture into it's (hopefully) final placement.

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Amelia said...

I am tired just reading this post and the last one.... We need pictures: before and after!