Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nice weekend

Just wanted to say I had a nice weekend with my wife. My folks came into town and watched lil N while we went out on the town for a couple of days. Let's see, Saturday we first went to Easton and ate at Brio. I had some chicken risotto with broccoli thing. It was rich and tasty. But I have to say, I really really liked the little crispy bread things that they brought to the table with the regular bread. It was sprinkled with parmesean cheese and some herbs. Tasty Tasty! Then we walked around and shopped buying clothes n stuff for the new one. Then we went and saw Kung Fu Panda. It was pretty good. I wasn't disappointed like I was when I saw Madagascar (which of course, they are making a sequel of). Then we left there and did some more shopping around. We ate dinner at... um... Red Robin. It was tasty. I had the... um.. Bonzai burger. It had grilled pineapple and a teriakki sauce over it... it was TAAAASTY!!! Very good. Then we went to Linens n Things which is going out of business in Columbus. We'd been talking about redoing the decor in the master bedroom. We ended up finding a bed in a bag which contained like 17 pc (quilt, 2 bed sheet sets, the skirt, 2 sham covers and 2 euro (aka square) sham covers. It was the last one of that style and lucky us it was a Queen. Then we found some curtains to match at $15 each so we bought 3 panels. If you haven't had to buy curtains in a while, $15 a panel is cheeeeeep!

Then we headed off to the hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton behind the theater at Crosswoods. It was nice. Had both a bedroom and a little living room. Both areas had 35in flat panel TVs. Very nice.

The next morning, we got up and ate breakfast at Waffle House and it was uber good. I got the All AMerican which has 2 eggs, 2 sausage patties, hashbrowns, 2 slices of toast and a waffle. I got my eggs over easy... but they accidentally broke one of the yolks when they put it on my plate... so they made me two more eggs. So I got 4 eggs!!! It was awesome! Then shopped around some more.

Then for lunch we went to Pei Wei (as I pronouce it, Peeeee Weeeee... even though it's actually pronouced 'pay way'). Pei Wei is the fast food version of PF Chang's. Now, in the past, I ripped on Pei Wei because the price imo was too high (entre's are around 7 bucks. I figured I could get the same thing at PF's and a little bit warmer and bigger for like $12. Well, then PFs recently got rid of my favorite diskh and jacked up their prices as well. Lucky for me, the Dan Dan Noodles were a good replacement dish. And they have that as Pei Wei as well. And I have to say, that the serving size at Pei Wei was the same (if not bigger) than when I last went to PFs and it cost about 7 bucks less. So, Pei Wei is now on the 'good' list.

We finally reutrned home around 4pm on Sunday. It was nice to spend some time with my wife and not have to worry about the little one getting tired or screaming or crying or whining or getting into things and all the other things that normal kids do.

But, I missed lil N so I was glad to be back home too.


::: said...

Red Robin burgers are awesome. I liked the peppercorn one best, I think.


Todd S. said...

Mmmmm. Red Robin. I, too, am a peppercorn fan...but there's one sandwich they have where it has a fried mozzerella 'wheel' on it. I usually get the 'wheel' on the peppercorn burger in a frankenstein-burger I like to call 'Angioplasty' :-)

Those weekend getaways are definitely good....and vital :-)