Thursday, June 12, 2008

what in the world...

.. have i been up to lately. i honestly can't say really... but i'll make a half attempt:

* been sorta kinda not really getting lil N's big girl room ready. i really need to get it primed and painted cause then it's just a hop skip and jump before it's ready. oh ... i need to steam clean the carpets as well. oh.. the electrician came in and did his thing... so now the light switch actually controls the ceiling light. yay!

* i hung out with todd and ian last friday. it was all good. there were hot pork rinds digested. we watched 'the legend of billie jean' and some funny ass green wing. ok, assy mcgee wasn't good, but that was the only blemish. man, i hated that show. i'm glad it was only a 15 minute episode.

* went back home for b-days and early father's day last weekend. lil N got to run around and play in the sprinkler with a couple of my cousin's kids. the burgers were good and we also had homemade ice cream which was tasty tasty. i haven't had homemade ice cream in, like, 15 years or so. it's been a long time. and it's every bit as good as i remember.

* went to the zoo two weekends ago. ate lunch there. it was cool to hang out with the Mrs and lil N. weather was nice. not the overly hot crap or rainy crap we've been dealing with as of late.

* i still need to decide where i want to have my father's day meal. it's still really weird to know that _i_ get to celebrate father's day. weird indeed.

* i'm not motivated to work today... this sucks. i'll find something work related to bide my time and keep busy so i don't drive myself nuts.

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