Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I forgot to mention that when my friends came up from lil' ol Anna Ohio, that we went to O'Charley's. I got the Firecracker Burger Wrap. It was basically a hamburger cut in half with some lettuce and a spicy sauce wrapped in a ... um ... wrap. It wasn't very good. And it marked the second evening in a row where I got short changed on french fries. On Saturday my parents were in town and they stopped in and we went to Red Lobster. I got the Admiral's Feast. Their prices have changed btw. I swear it is about 4 dollars more for everything there. I remember the Admiral's Feast costing about 12.95 and I think it was 16.95. Anyhoo... they short changed me on fries there as well. I bet I had, no lie, like 30 fries. A very small handful. Probably the equiv of a small fry at McDs. Did I need more than that considering EVERYTHING on my plate was deep fried, probably not... but when I get a platter and my side of fries is miniscule, I tend to get peeved since I can take the rest home in a to-go box. Jerks. Red Lobster is getting one strike after the other. First, they stop doing the all-you-can-eat crab legs and now charging me $4 more for everything. Granted I might be able to give them a pass on the crab legs since they lost a TON of money on that. Some doofus didn't think they would have many takers when charging $22 for all you can eat crab legs. Big dummy. The reason most people don't get crab legs is that 1) they are expensive and 2) because you don't get much from it when you do get them. But if you make it UNLIMITED, people will gladly cram 3 lbs of crab legs down their gullet for $22. High class eatin' there! THey even give yo a bib so you can lick off all the little pieces that fly off! I need to visit Maine or something where I'm sure that all-you-can-eat crab legs places are a dime a dozen. I love crab legs... but i refuse to pay for them. At least I have that one time I got the all you can eat crab legs at Red Lobster. It was tasty.

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