Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I got a little change in my pocket...

to the tune of $90 for all the video games that I sold to Play It Trade It. I was hoping for $100, but eh... it's all good. They are now out of the house and someone can actually get some game playing on. I will miss them but I'm slowly getting over this 'want to have things'.

Todd and I were talking over the weekend about our records. We've got tons of records, but we hardly play them at all anymore. I think I have mine pared down fairly good. I have about 300 records I need to list on craigslist along with a couple exercise machine which see no use. And a futon frame.


Last night the Mrs and I watched Disney's 'Meet the Robinsons'. My goodness was that a bad movie. The funny thing is that the bonus features showed lots of very very cool stuff and idea that they ultimately scrapped in order to make this horrible piece of celluloid. Ugh. It was very slow in the beginning and later parts of it were so frenetic that one couldn't really follow (and I couldn't be bothered to try by that point). I'm glad we got this one from the library and didn't have to pay for this horrible movie.


Andrew Todd said...

Yeah. The vinyl one is definitely a disease. We should ask I- how he did it. He had more than both of us combined.

Oy....would one of those excercise macheens happen to be a stationary bike of some sorts? If so, I might be able to save you a Craigs Listing on that sombeesh.

::: said...

Nah, I think you guys had more records than me. I had better records but you both had more at various points. :)

Eventually I turned the corner & getting rid of records was as fun as acquiring them had been.

It also helps that I haven't been to Used Kids in over a year!

& yet I still have uhhh like 100 records on the shelf. Not counting the KISS stash at Castle Ailes.

Andrew Todd said...

Yeah. Can't argue on the 'better' part. You always were the musical eye-opener for me.

I like that, though...that getting rid of them could be as fun as aquiring them. I think I'm gonna put that theory to the test this summer :-). I'll still have to keep all the 12inches from the Flamingo Isle days...beyond that, I'm not sure I need to keep Heuy Lewis' or Night Ranger or Triumph (and I'm not even really sure HOW I got the Triumph shit to begin with).

Used Kids. Man. I haven't been there in forever.THAT brings back some good memories.