Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kill Bill Vol. 2 and other things this weekend

This weekend was, well, a weekend. But I got some things accomplished and that is good.

What did I do on Saturday? In the morning, I got my hair cut. It had been about 2 months and I was starting to look like a scruffy Beatle wannabe. After that I went to Lowe's to pick up some shit for fixing some things in the house (see discussion on that below). When I got home, the wife, the kiddo and I _tried_ to go to Sonic for lunch, but it was a bust with all the 'stalls' filled up and the drive-in lane literally all the way around the building. So we ended up going to Chik-Fil-A instead and then straight back home. That was a bit of a disappointment, but, on the upside, at least we have a Sonic in Columbus now. And man, they make some tasty hamburgers (and chili dogs... and I really really want to try their country fried steak sandwich). Oh yeah, and I got a migraine after we got back so I took some meds and laid down for a few hours.

I really worked about as fast and hard as I could at work on Friday. That left my brain spinning and my neck all in a twisted mess. I wasn't even recovered when I woke up Saturday as I still felt woozy. It's not often when I wake up with a headache, but Saturday was one of those days. Luckily, this coming week is the last week for testing this Build of the software. It's been pretty rough on me. My hours may not compare to some factory workers, I know 'cause I've done that too, but it still doesn't mean that I don't become physically fatigued and more so mentally fatigued. Just knowing that after next week, I'm done for a couple of weeks (plus, having the help of others help me catch up on the test cases) is starting to put my mind at ease.

Oh yeah, so the wife and I came up with a list on Friday of what needs to be done upstairs and downstairs in the next few months. The good ol' Honey-Do list. I dread the Honey-Do list, but, for someone like me who is... well just weird about getting shit done, it's a good thing. I dread putting it together, but then it gives me something to drive for. It also puts things into perspective. If it's not all laid out, I tend to bunch it all into one big ball of sh*t and it just starts getting to me and I freak out in the way I tend to freak out. But once there is a list, usually I see that it's not _that_ bad of a list and I'll start cranking sh*t out.

So, when I got up today, I had it in my head that I would get some sh*t done.

1) Fix the light switch in the office. This has, no lie, been in my head as being something that needed to be done for no fewer than 9 months. So today, I got out the screw driver and fixed it within 15 minutes. Why it took this long, I have no idea.

2) Fix the toilet in the master bedroom. It's been 'making dripping noises' for the past few weeks and it was driving my wife nuts, which pretty much means it drives me nuts. I had the same problem with the guest bath about 2 years ago. So I bought the parts yesterday and, hell, they had the exact same kit that I used before. So it went fairly easily. Only one 'where the hell is this water coming from moment' and after I figured out what I did wrong, I remembered that I did the exact same thing 2 years ago. It is the next to last step where you're attaching the guts to the main water line. There's a little fastener that connects the two and I was so focused on that part that I forgot to do the OTHER fastener which makes the guts snug to the tank. Duh! Getting ahead of myself. So once I got that figure out, the rest was peachy.

That's it for the official Honey-Do list.

So after I did those two things, I went to the library, picked up my reserved copy of Kill Bill Vol 2, went to the store, picked up my meds, did some grocery shopping, came home, handed the wife the groceries (which she quickly put away as I lugged two 40lb. boxes of kitty litter into the basement.

Then I sat down in the basement on the computer with the headphones plugged in so I wouldn't wake the little one sleeping directly above me and watched Kill Bill Vol 2. I enjoyed it much more than Vol 1. I'm sure that's partly because I could hear the actors and the music and the sound effects whereas with Vol 1 I had to pretty much watch it on mute with subtitles. But I also think I liked the direction of this one more. As Quentin says in the 'Making of...', Vol 1 was done more in the Shaolin samurai movie kinda vein whereas Vol 2 was more Spaghetti Western-ish. Yeah, I can see that.

I watched the extras (what few there were) later on in the evening. I learned from the Kill Bill Diary that David Carradine wrote, that there was this fight scene with this huge black guy that got cut. David said he hoped it would make the DVD extras. It did. But it was, honestly, a bit disappointing. It was much shorter that I was expecting. Seemed like it only lasted 4 minutes, though I'm sure it was longer than that, but probably not by much.

Anyways... I'm babbling. And I need to get up bright and early tomorrow so I'm just gonna end it here. Sorry that most of my thoughts tonight were only half-written. I don't consider myself much of a critic, so I tend to just stop myself before I go there. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I can tell you, though, that the mexican meatloaf my wife made this even was tasty! Yummy stuff.



Anonymous said...

what a weird kind of crap weekend. but, at least you were able to watch the flick and get some stuff done babe.

WAY TO GO. I love you.


Andrew Todd said...


I have to agree. I liked v.2 much much better.

If you have not seen either of the Grindhouse movies, I recommend we set up a 2ndF movie night (maybe the wifeys could go off and do their thang). could (imho) supplant Deathrace as the goto cheesy violent movie.