Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost there...

I'm almost done listening to the original spindle of MP3 CDs. The counter has been updated. Nearly 12,000 songs and 750 hours of listening time. Wow.

However, at the moment, I'm hitting a bit of a brick wall as far as patience goes. From the original spindle, I'm left with: 1 CD of Elvis, 4 CDs of Kiss and 1 CD of Smashing Pumpkins. Not alot of variety there. You tend to get tired of listening to the same three voices.

Luckily, today I brought in the majority of the MP3 CDs that I had left at home. Some of those are just random goodness from the days of random websites and Napster when it was rare to find complete albums. There would be days where I would find someone with a huge collection and a super fast connection and would just download everything they had. Those were the ones that really paid off 'cause you would end up with just randomness from ABBA to Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa. I found out about alot of groups that day and purchased many CDs because of that. So I've got those to look forward to.

I also have... (sound of dread) ... 2 DVDs and 3 more CDs full of Elvis to get through. At the time, I was in a big Evlis phase, or at the very least a big Elvis downloading phase. I think it was RCA that had all of Elvis' records out on CD in a 50 CD collection, which were numbered. That is the worst thing you can do to a complete-ist. I did manage to get them all, thank you very much. I also found LOADS of outtake CDs from his movie soundtracks and many many soundboard and audience boots out there as well. Did I really need every day of his 7 day stand at some casino in Las Vegas. I dunno. But I have it.

On the upside, I brought in my Have A Nice Day collection which consisted of 28 CDs (2 MP3 CDs) chock full o' 1970's goodness. That will be a nice relief. Then there are the others that I already had here at work: Another DVD full o Kiss, DVD full o Chicago, a DVD full o BeeGees, 2 DVDs full o Pop Culture goodness (anything from Superman 'audio comics' to children's records to Sammy David Jr. Christmas albums), ... looking at pile ... 1 DVD full o Smashing Pumpkins (I also had a SP phase, can you tell?), CD full o King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, DVD of Beach Boys (lots of outtakes), CD full of 80's music, DVD o Rush, CD o Genesis, DVD o random Rock goodness (lots o ben folds), DVD o Pink Floyd, DVD o Beatles (I don't recall exactly what's on that), CD o random Rock goodies, DVD called Metal Mayhem, 2 DVD of Psych and Garage Band goodies, hey... there's my copies of Dream Theater's Score album... and a few more... other than the 50 random CDs which I talked about earlier.

But I'm glad that I'm almost to that milestone of getting through that spindle. I figured it would take me a while. I guess if I think about it, it's taken nearly a year since I believe I started this project about the time I started my new job. Ha!

I remember in H.S. listening to all of the cassettes I had. That took me nearly a year as well. I had alot of cassettes. Had? Still have. They're down in the basement keeping the cats company. Same goes for all my CDs. That took something like a year and a half. But I got through it, and I'll get through all of these MP3s as well.

Here's to another year of music!

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