Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movies... n other stuff

I'm sitting here eating Michellina's Lean Gourmet Mac n Cheese doused with some El Yucateco XXXHot Habeñero Hot Sauce and figured I'd give an update.


Last night the wife and I watched the movie Junebug. It was definitely an indie film, not in that the acting sucked (it was good) or that the cinematography sucked (there were quite a few very nice shots and interesting camera angles which I enjoyed), but more in that at least on a first watching, the theme or story or whatever isn't exactly concrete in the way that watching, say, Men In Black would be.

So, I enjoyed and didn't enjoy the movie. I admit, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm not a moron either. I understood in most cases where the movie was going.. but when it was done I was left wondering 'Why did I just watch an hour-40 of this?' Yes, I got the whole big-city vs. small-town thing. I came from a small town, I get that some of the things we do there can seem a bit backwards and all that crap. Have you every witnessed 'hog trough dancing' at a wedding? I rest my case. So I understood that aspect of it. But I felt like there should have been something more there. I dunno what that should have been, but there should have been something more. Or maybe, my feeling of uncomfortable emptiness at the end of the movie was the intended reaction. That happens sometimes I guess.

It got quite a bit of good press and most reviews are 'glowing' and the like. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it. Maybe it was because it was a 'talkie' movies and we had to mostly watch it with the sound turned off (because for whatever reason, the geniuses to pressed the DVD thought that only French subtitles were needed). Maybe it's 'cause some of the material hit close to home for me and I was busy thinking about things in my brain when I should have continued to pay attention to the movie. Again, I didn't hate the movie, but on the other hand, I likely wouldn't want to see it twice.


We watched another movie the other day called The Namesake. This indie film is one I enjoyed. It's the story of a boy/man who was born in America to Indian parents and given an 'interesting' name by his parents when he is born. At first he likes the name, then rejects it later in life and tries to distance himself from his parents and his parent's heritage. The lead character in The Namesake is none other than Kal Penn, Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

Interestingly enough, Kal Penn's character is, at first, a doped out high school student, which pretty much mirrors his performance in H&KGTWC. But after those first few scenes and he moves into a period later in his life, Kal really put in a good performance, in my opinion. Hopefully he will continue to take challenging roles but still continue to do goofy movies like Van Wilder and Harold and Kumar.


I messed up at work today. I'll make this the short version. We were waiting on a group in UK to finish their stuff. My boss was supposed to have a meeting with some peeps in the UK to determine if we could start. Got an email from one of the lead testers in the UK saying that their testing had PASSED. I assumed this meant we could move on. Half hour later, boss shows up and says 'they are doing another build'. I say 'uh, oh'. He says 'You haven't told the group to start have you?'. I say 'Yes'. He says, 'Tell them to stop. You were supposed to wait for me'. I say, 'Ooops. I figured someone saying that the testing had PASSED meant that we were all clear. Obv not'. So run around and tell everyone to stop. We'll likely get the new build tomorrow. Sigh. This puts my schedule 'techincally' behind. However, since we can't move the dates, I have to somehow absorb a two day loss. Shouldn't be a big deal really. Just had to comment about it since it was on my mind.


Found out in my testing group of about 15 people that there are like four drummers. What are the odds. Drummers are scarce... or usually don't come out of the woodwork unless provoked. Wow! That's like a quarter of our group. Weird. I mentioned to one of the other peeps that we should start our own taiko group. That would be bad-ass.


The 'super machine' downstairs is acting a little weird. I switched out a power supply and that seemed to make it less weird, but it has rebooted on my a few times already, so it seems that maybe it wasn't just the power supply. Maybe the mobo is a bit goofy. Noticed it was running a little warmer than my machines upstairs. Generally runs around 120F which shouldn't be a problem, but the odd thing is that it is like 60 in the basement, so you think it would run COOLER than the ones upstairs where the room temp can usually get up to 80-85F when the halogen and the two computers are running. I dunno. Maybe I will have to switch out the mobos.

Or, since I am considering going wireless and buying a laptop (a cheepo, but a laptop nonetheless) for the main computer for both me and the wife, maybe I'll just not bother and use my old computer (which is nice and solid) as the new 'toy' machine.

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