Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Weekend

On Saturday, I got to hang out with my bro Todd. We went to Cici's Pizza and buffet-ed our selves silly. Then we went back to his place and played a few hours worth of Rock Band. That was fun. I first tried being the 'drummer' and let me tell you when you're a drummer, you don't want some screen telling you where to hit. Plus, it probably did not help that my first song was The Who 'Won't Get Fooled Again' which is typical Keith Moon - i.e. pretty much it's one big drum fill with nothing every really repeating. I found I did much better in Singing Mode, though by the end of the evening my throat was getting sore.

On Sunday, my wife's sister came up for her birthday and we went to the Money exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. That was pretty cool. After that we went to The Cheesecake factory and rang up a sizable bill. But at least I have left overs for the next two days. Man, those portions are out of control.


Maryann said...

Just think of it as my birthday dinner and that's that, dear. So, instead of us dropping big cash on big portions, we saved big on one celebration and free babysitting.

BTW I think you meant to type MONET.

love your,

Andrew Todd said...

I was a tastey burger....I mean weekend.

I think the first song, though, was Detroit Rock City, wasn't it?

Or was that the first one I played when I switched to drums and you switched to gweetar?

Either way, I never thought I'd say that I prefer 'playing' the drum(s pads) for Metallica, than KISS. I also unlocked a whole bunch of songs this weekend, so we'll have to see if they're in the Band Mode next time we play.

And yes...the Cheesecake Factory portions are HEYOUGE!

Damn...the 'Money' exhibit sounded sweet. :-)

And did we miss a birthday for Maryann??? Damn we suck as friends

Darrin said...


1) I thin the first song we played was either enter sandman... actually, i'm pretty sure it was that one.. then we played the who. then maybe something else. then nancy came home and i switched at some point to singing. i never played gweetar that weekend.

2) you haven't missed M's b-day... yet. 1 more day to go.