Sunday, December 02, 2007

What in the hell?

I purposely did not watch the football games last night. I knew that Oklahoma had a chance at beating Mizzou. But what I did not expect to see what I saw when I visited On the main page, it only mentioned that Pitt had beaten West Virginia (I had overlooked the scoreboard at the top of the page because of the glaring Pitt headline). I was stumped.

When I briefly saw the games as Maryann was channel surfing, I saw that Pit was trailing WV 3 - 7 in the 3rd. I said, 'Wow, Pitt is actually hanging in there' and I thought they had a chance. Then Maryann changed to the other game and I saw Oklahoma score a TD. What the??? I immediately told her to turn off the TV since I didn't want to jinx either of the upsets that just might occur. I figured Oklahoma had a chance, but didn't give Pitt much of a thought. No one did.

So I finish reading the Pitt article when I glaced over to the right and saw the Top 25 scores... and saw that Oklahoma beat Mizzou.

I'm still in shock, almost literally.

This has been one f*ed up season of college football.


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