Monday, November 05, 2007

Misc Etc

Just miscellaneous stuff.


I've updated The Music Counter. Just about to eclipse the 4000 song mark. Whee!


I'm still #1. Actually, I'm #1 about 4 times over at Twin Galaxies. I have to admit that in one case I am the ONLY score they have for a specific game. There are so many games for MAME (something like 4000+ games) that it's difficult for them to get scores for every single one of them since many people are just trying to get that perfect Pac-Man score or get to the kill screen in Donkey Kong. I figure I'll start raising a little hell on the forums and getting people to step up to the plate and log some better scores than my paltry entries.


Me lady was in Cinci on Friday and Saturday. This let me play some more video games and also let me do some cleaning up around the house. I had fun, however, my wife did not because she was dealing with a toddler who refused to sleep (cause she was a little bit sick) and weird family memebers. Sorry babe. I did try to give her a little bit of time off on Sunday but I'm sure it was too little too late. Sorry again babe.


Hung out a little with Sir Ian. We watched some DVDs and went to Asian Star Buffet where the Hot & Spicy chicken was good. I ate too much and burped profusely for the next 10 hours. The kicker story at the buffet was this bizzaro woman who was hunched over the pork fried rice (which I wanted) and was using the BIG spoon to try to, I dunno, work around the PORK in the PORK FRIED RICE, and was taking her sweet time. So I went around to the other side and reluctantly got the overcooked and dry white rice. AS I was on the other side, I could see the very very small about of fried rice she did get, there were still like 3 pieces of pork in there. Freakin' twit. *sigh*


I need to rake the leaves before it rains and they glue themselves to the grass and kill what remaining green grass I have in the back.


Umm... I really need to get to work now. Later!


Todd Says: said...

Did you wind up beating the rain?
I know I didn't. So, I'm guessing that the big pile of leaves that I managed to organize in the back yard will be the future sight of next year's crop circle artwork. Weee!

Darrin said...

No... I did not beat the rain. *sigh* I left work a little early, got home, wife had dinner ready, and then it got really dark. I thought about going out around 5:30, then I turned by back and *rain*. By 6:30 it was completely dark outside. I was screwed no matter what. Looks like I'll have to attempt it this weekend. Wet leaves suck. And I have alot of them now. *sigh*