Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I feel like poo. No fun.

Thanksgiving weekend went well. Food was good. Yummy.

The music counter has been updated. I finally got through the psychedelic compilations MP3 DVD plus another CD full o m0torhead and s1ayer, so it's just up by about 1400 songs and 70 hours. Whee!

Basement peeps came to the house... again. They are using what they call their 'Super Epoxy' to try to stop the efflorescence from pushing out the sealant. I tried Dry Lock and that worked for about 6 months. The expensive epoxy sealant that they put on lasted a mere 2 months. Hopefully, this new super stuff, which they put on one day and then come out and re-epoxy a few days later after it has fully dried, will do the trick. I really really really don't want this to go on forever. It's a big pain in my arse.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Robot Guitar

This thing just baffles me for many, many reasons.

I introduce to you (if you hadn't heard about it already)... the Gibson Robot Guitar.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little slack, please.

Buckeyes go into yesterday's game seated at No. 1.
- They lose to Illinois

I need to rake leaves to the lawn can get winterized. Meteorologists say there will be light precipitation Sunday evening.
- It rains and sleets by 8:30am Sunday morning

I need to lower the mattress on the crib which requires my hex wrenches.
- I can't find my hex wrenches

My wife's computer needed an anti-virus update late last night
- Now the computer restarts when trying to perform a virus scan or spyware scan.

Oh oh... and last but definitely not least, my sister came over yesteday. She hadn't see the basement since we had it sealed and what not.
- She looks at the wall and says 'Is it supposed to be bubbling up like that?'. In other words, the few grand I spent on sealing the basement didn't do jack and the minerals are pushing their way past the 2 layers of 'epoxy' (or whatever they put on, should have been Elmer's Glue for all I know) and a layer of primer. All within two months of having it seals. *sigh*

C'mon! Work with me here!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Seems that my little Excel spreadsheet had some summary issues and was not summing up about 20 rows which included an MP3 DVD with over 1100 songs on it. So instead of reaching for the the 4000 mark, I'm now reaching for the 7000 song mark. Wow.

The calc for the total time has been correct though. So I'm still reaching for the 500 hour mark there. :-p But that'll probably be broken tomorrow when I finish up the last 3 or 4 hours of the 'Electronica Shmlectronica' compilation I got from Toddeus.

And for those who care, with the current stats of 6889 songs and 490h 10m time, this works out to and average of a little over 4 minutes 15 seconds for each song.

The end.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Misc Etc

Just miscellaneous stuff.


I've updated The Music Counter. Just about to eclipse the 4000 song mark. Whee!


I'm still #1. Actually, I'm #1 about 4 times over at Twin Galaxies. I have to admit that in one case I am the ONLY score they have for a specific game. There are so many games for MAME (something like 4000+ games) that it's difficult for them to get scores for every single one of them since many people are just trying to get that perfect Pac-Man score or get to the kill screen in Donkey Kong. I figure I'll start raising a little hell on the forums and getting people to step up to the plate and log some better scores than my paltry entries.


Me lady was in Cinci on Friday and Saturday. This let me play some more video games and also let me do some cleaning up around the house. I had fun, however, my wife did not because she was dealing with a toddler who refused to sleep (cause she was a little bit sick) and weird family memebers. Sorry babe. I did try to give her a little bit of time off on Sunday but I'm sure it was too little too late. Sorry again babe.


Hung out a little with Sir Ian. We watched some DVDs and went to Asian Star Buffet where the Hot & Spicy chicken was good. I ate too much and burped profusely for the next 10 hours. The kicker story at the buffet was this bizzaro woman who was hunched over the pork fried rice (which I wanted) and was using the BIG spoon to try to, I dunno, work around the PORK in the PORK FRIED RICE, and was taking her sweet time. So I went around to the other side and reluctantly got the overcooked and dry white rice. AS I was on the other side, I could see the very very small about of fried rice she did get, there were still like 3 pieces of pork in there. Freakin' twit. *sigh*


I need to rake the leaves before it rains and they glue themselves to the grass and kill what remaining green grass I have in the back.


Umm... I really need to get to work now. Later!