Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New stuff, Music stuff

* New Stuff *
Ok... not much really that new.

In blogger land, I switched from templates over to the layout format. I think in the long run it'll make more sense. I did this 'cause I wanted the 'Older Posts' link at the bottom of the page. After fiddling with it for the past 2 or 3 hours, I think I have everything back to normal. The only real difference is that the 'Stupid Things' now encompasses all of the archive. Blogger finally got their heads out of their bums and you can now sort newest to oldest by default so you don't have to hack the page. I lost the 'recent posts' section (which used to be the 'Stupid Things...' section) but that's not that big of a loss since by default the page shows you the posts for the current month which is good enough for me.

In other new news, the basement is almost finished with being sealed and stuff. They missed a few small spots so they need to come back and complete that. I just wish the whole thing was done with, but alas it is not. But hopefully by the end of the week, all will be done and back in place in the basement. Kudos to the wife for helping me get a good hunk of stuff back downstairs. I don't tell her 'thank you' enough, so I'll do so publicly. Again. :-p I really am a b@stard sometimes.

* Music Stuff *
For those of you who were hoping that I had finally written and composed 'V: The Musical', you will be sorely disappointed. Since I failed to mention it in the music ideas post a few weeks ago, V: The Musical is, as you may have guessed, a musical version of the V mini-series. I dubbed the two V mini-series from the library about 3 years ago I think. This stemmed from a conversation me and the wife had late one night while both suffering from a bout of insomnia. It will be very Rodger's and Hammerstein-ish. The only lyrics I have thus far are: "Drats! Rats! That's all we can eat for now. Drats! Rats! So hungry I could eat a cow!" This would take place during the scene where some dude sneaks a peek into the spacecraft to see the Visitors woofing down rats instead of normal human food. Honestly, while I may have dubbed off the movie, I haven't sat down and watched it. The rats scene is the only thing I remember. But I digress.

The actual reason for the Music Stuff section is to announce a new counter on the side bar over here. ------------------------>

Basically since I've gotten hired at my new job, I've been listening to all the music I have on MP3. This is something like 100 discs or so. Way too many. But since I am a completist and have continued to stand by the notion that if I buy a record (or download in this case) that I will listen to it, I decided to listen through all these CDs (and in some cases DVDs). That's alot of music. As you can see, I've listened to 2326 songs which has taken approximately 304 hours 49 minutes 46 seconds. I'm sure that the song count and the time are within 1% if not a little less.

When calculating, I had to go back though all the CDs I had listened to already (which was probably around 30 or 40) and put them into WinAmp to get a total time. It would have been nice if I could have just used Windows to search for *.mp3 (since there are txt, m3u and other misc files on the discs as well), but when you do a search, you can't use the 'Enqueue in WinAmp' r-click function because windows does some sort of short hand. If you select _1_ file from the search results, it enqueques it just fine and dandy. But if you select more than one, WinAmp has no idea what you are talking about. I blame Microsoft for this one. I may have been able to use Windows MediaPlayer, it makes you play the song before trying to figure out how long the song is, whereas on WinAmp, if it's visible on the playlist, it looked up the time and displays the time (as well as calculates the total time for the playlist).

Um... not sure where else to go with this. I've listened to a crap load of music and have a crap load more to listen to.

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::: said...

That's about how much Vinnie Vincent Invasion I've listened to in the past year.

Nice one.

Also I cannot endorse any attempts at making a musical.