Monday, July 30, 2007


Just a quick note to give everyone an update on what's been going on.

Two weekends ago my daughter had her 1st birthday party. Fun was had by all. I thank everyone for showing up. I'll post a picture later on so check back.

This past weekend was fun as well. I finally got the second dehumidifier hooked up downstairs. I had to run a hose through the wall, so it was a fun time.

--- and now the real reason for the update... a good old fashioned family outing story ---

On Saturday, the Mrs, la bambina and I went to the 14th Annual something-or-another Cruse In in Delaware, Ohio. We had a good time walking up and down the strip looking at cars. Here comes the good part of the post.

So we left and being Delaware I wasn't sure where I was, but I pretty much had a good idea of what direction we were going. So as were leaving, we see signs for 23 North, but not 23 South which is what we want. Knowing how we came into town, I tell Maryann, 'Stay on 42. It'll cross 315 or 23 eventually'. So we drove a little while and my wife tells me 'we're going the wrong way.' and I said 'no we're not'. The little one is getting a bit cranky by now.

We drive a little further and the wife says 'we need to turn around cause we're going the wrong way' and I say, 'look, there's the sun,' (note: it was overcast) , 'and that means we're heading south.' *insert grumpy Darrin face* A little further we pass a little town and again the wife says 'we need to turn around 'cause we're going the wrong way' so I say 'let me get the map and I'll look at it'. So we pull off and look at the map. Of course the little town isn't on the map and the signs for 42 don't say north or south. So my wife tells me, 'I'm heading back where we came from'. So I pout and say 'Fine. Do whatever you want 'cause you're not gonna listen to me anyways'.

Sounds like a sitcom situation, no?

So she heads back in the other direction. It is at this point that I realize that the sun, (still cloudy out, btw,) now appears to be coming from the same direction as it was when we were heading in the other direction. *insert Darrin saying expletive of choice*

We make it back in town. In my head we had driven for 20 minutes. In fact, we had probably traveled for 5 minutes. The little one crying in the back seems to bend some kind of time continuum. We head back the way we came into town, and in odd little Delaware, that doesn't mean being able to leave. There were plenty of exits for 23 North, but not for 23 South. You could see 23, but could only enter it by going north. Which is not what we wanted to do.

So Maryann starts heading in the opposite direction to which I ask 'What are you doing?' To any sane man (not saying that I am), going away from the road you are trying to get to does not equal finding an exit to get on to it.

We travel for more than a few blocks. After a while, my wife turns left. By this time, I don't know North or South or East or West and I'm convinced we're going to have to live in Delaware because we won't be able to find our way out.

And at that moment, there is a sign in front of us. 23 South.

We got on the road and all the way home I had to repeatedly tell my wife that she was right. I don't like being wrong, so that is very hard for me to do. But in this case, I admitted that I was wrong in the wrongest of ways.

"Yes, I am an ass," I told my wife.

The running joke of the day was for me to point out direction we were going. If we were heading east, I would say we were heading "due Darrin west".

So, I admit it in public, when I get turned around, I have NO sense of direction unless it is very early morning or late evening and the sun is approximately in the east or west... or is it the other way around... ;)

I've also let my wife know that anytime my testosterone gets out of whack and I start behaving like a moron and saying 'We're going the wrong way!!!' that all she needs to say is:

Remember the Delaware.


::: said...

delaware will do that to ya every time.

I've had the same thing happen to me many times due to my wife being from there.

Todd S. said...

42 will jack you up.
36/37 are the safe east/wests least that way you'll wind up on Rt.3 or whatever 315 turns into eventually.

Know what you mean on the 'baby fuss warping space/time' gets worse when they turn 13 and start talking about boys and make-up. Oh so much worse. LOL

Video's on the way!


Todd S. said...

and by 'on the way' I mean in about a week or so. (Todd time...not Darrin time ;-)