Monday, July 16, 2007

Bizzy Bee Part 3

Well, I had yet another busy weekend.

Woke up at 6:30am on Saturday and worked on the yard until 12:30pm. But I can finally say that it is, as far as I can say (save a few very minor things that only I would notice), it all is finally finished. Thank goodness.

Got cleaned up and went to the 1st b-day for one of the babies and Maryann's mommy group at 3pm. Left there at 5pm.

Got back home, dropped off Maryann and the kid and went over to Todd's for a Records and Cards party at 6pm. Left there around 10:30pm, but still had to divert myself over to Wal-Mart off of 23 to pick up some bottle liners as we were out and Norah was gonna need to eat in the morning. Got home at 11:30pm and crrrraaaasssshhhhhedddd.

Sunday came along, I have no idea what I did in the morning. I believe I may have cleaned the cat litter boxes... or was that Saturday as well? I have no idea. I remember that I looked to see where I could run the hose from the second dehumidifier in the 'studio' in the basement through the wall. I think I have that figured out now, maybe. I'll have to move some desks and bookcases and other things around. But at the time, there was barely enough room to move around, so I couldn't move things into place. Jumped in the car at noon, at lunch on the run, and headed over to my cousin's in Dayton. Visited with them until 6:30pm. Goodbyes and all we managed to get on the road at 7pm. Finally got home at 8:15/30pm, very tired and hungry baby in tow. Dropped off mama and kid and headed over to Culver's to have a second dinner (yes, I was so spaced out that I had forgotten we had an early dinner around 4pm that day). Got back to the house. Got back home, burgers in tow. Ate. Watched Next Food Network star. Norah woke back up around 10pm. Put her back to bed, but then realized that the Salvation Army was stopping by in the morning to pick up some old furniture we no longer needed. So the missus and I moved the chairs and other misc table from the basement to the family room upstairs. Finished that in quick order, watched some more TV (we had taped Gene Simmon's Family Jewels) and caught the end of the Extreme Cake competition and then went to bed around around 11:30pm.

Woke up at my usual 7:15, got ready for work, move all said furniture in family room to driveway and headed to work... which is where I am now... and really don't want to be since I just want to take a nap. Wah.

But, in all it was a good weekend. Tiring, but good.

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