Monday, July 30, 2007


Just a quick note to give everyone an update on what's been going on.

Two weekends ago my daughter had her 1st birthday party. Fun was had by all. I thank everyone for showing up. I'll post a picture later on so check back.

This past weekend was fun as well. I finally got the second dehumidifier hooked up downstairs. I had to run a hose through the wall, so it was a fun time.

--- and now the real reason for the update... a good old fashioned family outing story ---

On Saturday, the Mrs, la bambina and I went to the 14th Annual something-or-another Cruse In in Delaware, Ohio. We had a good time walking up and down the strip looking at cars. Here comes the good part of the post.

So we left and being Delaware I wasn't sure where I was, but I pretty much had a good idea of what direction we were going. So as were leaving, we see signs for 23 North, but not 23 South which is what we want. Knowing how we came into town, I tell Maryann, 'Stay on 42. It'll cross 315 or 23 eventually'. So we drove a little while and my wife tells me 'we're going the wrong way.' and I said 'no we're not'. The little one is getting a bit cranky by now.

We drive a little further and the wife says 'we need to turn around cause we're going the wrong way' and I say, 'look, there's the sun,' (note: it was overcast) , 'and that means we're heading south.' *insert grumpy Darrin face* A little further we pass a little town and again the wife says 'we need to turn around 'cause we're going the wrong way' so I say 'let me get the map and I'll look at it'. So we pull off and look at the map. Of course the little town isn't on the map and the signs for 42 don't say north or south. So my wife tells me, 'I'm heading back where we came from'. So I pout and say 'Fine. Do whatever you want 'cause you're not gonna listen to me anyways'.

Sounds like a sitcom situation, no?

So she heads back in the other direction. It is at this point that I realize that the sun, (still cloudy out, btw,) now appears to be coming from the same direction as it was when we were heading in the other direction. *insert Darrin saying expletive of choice*

We make it back in town. In my head we had driven for 20 minutes. In fact, we had probably traveled for 5 minutes. The little one crying in the back seems to bend some kind of time continuum. We head back the way we came into town, and in odd little Delaware, that doesn't mean being able to leave. There were plenty of exits for 23 North, but not for 23 South. You could see 23, but could only enter it by going north. Which is not what we wanted to do.

So Maryann starts heading in the opposite direction to which I ask 'What are you doing?' To any sane man (not saying that I am), going away from the road you are trying to get to does not equal finding an exit to get on to it.

We travel for more than a few blocks. After a while, my wife turns left. By this time, I don't know North or South or East or West and I'm convinced we're going to have to live in Delaware because we won't be able to find our way out.

And at that moment, there is a sign in front of us. 23 South.

We got on the road and all the way home I had to repeatedly tell my wife that she was right. I don't like being wrong, so that is very hard for me to do. But in this case, I admitted that I was wrong in the wrongest of ways.

"Yes, I am an ass," I told my wife.

The running joke of the day was for me to point out direction we were going. If we were heading east, I would say we were heading "due Darrin west".

So, I admit it in public, when I get turned around, I have NO sense of direction unless it is very early morning or late evening and the sun is approximately in the east or west... or is it the other way around... ;)

I've also let my wife know that anytime my testosterone gets out of whack and I start behaving like a moron and saying 'We're going the wrong way!!!' that all she needs to say is:

Remember the Delaware.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You know you're tired when...

You know you're tired when you're dreaming that you are really tired and want to go to sleep.

I had that dream this morning.

And of course, when I no more than laid my head down on the couch in my dream that my alarm went off.


I feel really tired.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bizzy Bee Part 3

Well, I had yet another busy weekend.

Woke up at 6:30am on Saturday and worked on the yard until 12:30pm. But I can finally say that it is, as far as I can say (save a few very minor things that only I would notice), it all is finally finished. Thank goodness.

Got cleaned up and went to the 1st b-day for one of the babies and Maryann's mommy group at 3pm. Left there at 5pm.

Got back home, dropped off Maryann and the kid and went over to Todd's for a Records and Cards party at 6pm. Left there around 10:30pm, but still had to divert myself over to Wal-Mart off of 23 to pick up some bottle liners as we were out and Norah was gonna need to eat in the morning. Got home at 11:30pm and crrrraaaasssshhhhhedddd.

Sunday came along, I have no idea what I did in the morning. I believe I may have cleaned the cat litter boxes... or was that Saturday as well? I have no idea. I remember that I looked to see where I could run the hose from the second dehumidifier in the 'studio' in the basement through the wall. I think I have that figured out now, maybe. I'll have to move some desks and bookcases and other things around. But at the time, there was barely enough room to move around, so I couldn't move things into place. Jumped in the car at noon, at lunch on the run, and headed over to my cousin's in Dayton. Visited with them until 6:30pm. Goodbyes and all we managed to get on the road at 7pm. Finally got home at 8:15/30pm, very tired and hungry baby in tow. Dropped off mama and kid and headed over to Culver's to have a second dinner (yes, I was so spaced out that I had forgotten we had an early dinner around 4pm that day). Got back to the house. Got back home, burgers in tow. Ate. Watched Next Food Network star. Norah woke back up around 10pm. Put her back to bed, but then realized that the Salvation Army was stopping by in the morning to pick up some old furniture we no longer needed. So the missus and I moved the chairs and other misc table from the basement to the family room upstairs. Finished that in quick order, watched some more TV (we had taped Gene Simmon's Family Jewels) and caught the end of the Extreme Cake competition and then went to bed around around 11:30pm.

Woke up at my usual 7:15, got ready for work, move all said furniture in family room to driveway and headed to work... which is where I am now... and really don't want to be since I just want to take a nap. Wah.

But, in all it was a good weekend. Tiring, but good.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Nice Weekend

The Mrs. and I headed up to Cinci to celebrate her nephew's birthday. It was nice.

We got up there around 11 am on Saturday. It was a 'pool party', so we all ended up at the pool at the complex where Maryann's parents live. And so I swam. And it was fun. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had been swimming in a pool. It's been a long time. I'm almost thinking it's been like 10 years or so. We got Norah in the pool and she LOVED it. She was splashing up a storm. While it was warm, we were all intelligent enough to put sunscreen on so no one got sunburn which was nice.

After swimming for an hour and a half, we all headed back to M's parents place. They ordered up some LaRosa's pizza. I thought it was okay. It's handtossed which is good, but the crust was very thick and fluffy. I tend to like the thinner crusts better. If I want fluffy crust, then I'll get a deep dish pizza.

After all the pizza was gone, M. and I dumped off the little one on to her mom so we could go out and have an evening out. A date if you will.

We ended up at Showcase Cinemas to see Ratatouille, which is the new Pixar animated flick. We got there a little bit early, so went to the inhouse bar and grill and had a beer. They were out of Miller Lite :( so we had to have Bud Lite instead. No biggie.

After drinking our beer, we went to the movie. It turns out it was a Digital Projection theater. I have to say this: Holy Shit. It was like watching a DVD on a very very very big screen. The images were crystal clear. No dots or fuzz or scratches flying by during the previews or during the movie. It was very very nice. If you have a chance to see something on a Digital Projection screen, I say 'Do so immediately!'. The movie was Pixar so of course, it was pretty darn good.

The only thing that was disappointing about the whole experience was that during the entire movie, they had a fluorescent light on in the projection booth for who knows what reason. So even during the dark scenes, there was a weird backlight coming from behind you. It bugged me a little, but my wife used to work in a theater, so you can imagine how much it bugged her. She actually left midway through the movie to ask someone to have them turn it off. Of course, that never occurred. After the movie we went to the customer service area to complain, or at the very least, ask why there was this light on. M. talked with the manager and was told 'well, that's the digital projection booth and we have to leave the light on in case anything breaks'. Um... what? If something goes wrong THEN you can turn on the light. Why in the hell would you leave it on ALL THE TIME. Anyhoo, they gave us some free movie passes. We might have given them to her parents for babysitting, though, her mom might have not wanted them or something. So we might have free tickets... or her parents might have them. I'm not sure who got them.

After the movie we went to Graeter's Ice Cream. Since this month is Ice Cream Month, you can get a free mini-scoop with any order. So I went to the counter and asked for a Cherry Cordial sundae with a mini-scoop of Buckeye Blitz on top. In the busyness of the evening, somehow or another that translated into 'Give me a buckeye blitz sundae with a cherry on top'. I didn't complain cause it looked damned tasty... and it was.

An aside: I have always said that I liked Handel's Buckeye ice cream better than Graeter's Buckeye Blitz for two reason. 1) Handel's Buckeye ice cream literally has little buckeyes in it. And I think that is cool as hell. 2) The Greater's Buckeye Blitz has these huge chunks of chocolate in it and that just bugs the shit out of me. If I wanted a damn hershey bar crammed into my ice cream I would ask for it that way. I don't mind little chips or chocolate chips. I'm fine with that. Now, I've told several people this, including my wife, and have in general been told that I am nuts. Until the other night. So I get to the bottom of my Graeter's Buckeye Blitz sundae and tell my wife she can have the 2 chunks of chocolate. I hand her the cup and she says "I don't want a piece of chocolate that big!". They were both about 2" x 1" each. So I told her that this is why I like the Handel's Buckeye ice cream better than the Graeter's ice cream. These are the kinds of chunks that I ALWAYS get when I get Buckeye Blitz. Maryann agreed that that size of chunk was a bit much, but also said that she had never had that problem. *shrug* So there you go.

We got back and Norah was asleep. She of course woke up later in the evening and didn't really ever fully get back to sleep, so neither of us got more than 4 hours of sleep the entire evening. By morning, we were a bit whipped.

But M's mom made a hearty breakfast. I myself had 2 eggs (over easy), 2 fresh blueberry pancakes and 4 sausage patties. It was TASTY!!!

After that we packed up the car and went over to her sister's house to pick up something... I totally forget what that was. Then we went and got lunch at Jocko's chicken and biscuits. I'm a big fan of fried chicken gizzards for god knows what reason. Lee's Famous Recipe has them, but there isn't a Lee's around Columbus, that I know of. The last time I got to eat them was when I was doing some work in St. Louis. But the ones at Jocko's were just as good. Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm. Gizzards are good.

We finally got back into Columbus around 5:30pm. We were beat. Norah went to bed around her usual time. We watched the Next Food Network Star program as well as the new Gene Simmon's Family Jewels episode and hit the hay.

All in all, it was a nice weekend, esp the part where I got to spend some alone time with the wife.

I hope your weekend was just as nice.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A few things

WTG Joey Chestnut for bringing back the Mustard Belt to the USA by woofing down 66 Nathan's hot dogs. And I still think that Kobayashi should have been DQ'ed following his 'reversal of fortune'. However, instead, the IFOCE simply made a 'deduction' on the number of dogs that he ate, which in my opinion goes against the rules which they set forth. But, I guess maybe the 'reversal of fortune' rule might be like traveling in the NBA. It's meant to be bent a little (or not enforced at all).


Issah Washington is a complete moron. All this finger pointing about how he was fired because he was a black man who uttered 'f*ggot' not once, but twice and that this was a ploy be TR Knight who is in a bid to be the most popular Grey's Anatomy star and that it was Patrick What-His-Face who started the whole thing with his spittle attack on you cause he was late or something. Dude, I hate to tell you, but that had nothing to do with color. It probably has more to do with you being a big whiner.


Brittany Spears is a nut job. I don't really need to quote any sources or examples on this one. Though her latest comment on how that whole incident where she took a few swings at a paparazzi's car with an umbrella had something to do with 'preparing for a role in a movie'. Um... ok. Whatever. Just admit you were whacked out on meth or were having a mental breakdown due to exhaustion or stress.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bizzy Bee - Part 2

Had another weekend full of yardword fun. On Saturday I managed to weed the majority of the section out back. I also got most of the trees trimmed that I wanted to get trimmed. That only took 7 hours. Blech! Then on Sunday, I got to bundle up all the branches from the tree trimming in the morning. After I quickee birthday party for one of the babies in Maryann's mommy group, I cam back and laid down 36 bags of mulch in a little over an hour. Funny thing, is that I sweated more in that hour than I did the entire previous day. Go figure.

Anyhoo... I'm glad that I got the majority of the yardwork done. There are still a couple of things that I want to do, but if they don't get done then it's no big deal.

Does anyone really care about me doing yardwork? Probably not. :-P