Monday, June 18, 2007

Interesting... Update...

So, I decided to look at some of my old blog entries... from like 2002, etc. Ran into a few weird things I had kinda forgotten about. Like I started using Blogger just 10 days after Sept 11th.

I also found a entry on my old LiveJournal which said that 'Afternoon Delight' as done during the movie Anchorman was awesome. I stick with statement. Which lead me to YouTube of course since the original link I had went nowhere anymore. I love the YouTube, but why do people insist on video taping their TV screens. I found 3 versions of this freakin' song in which some knucklehead who had apparntly no knowledge of ripping an mpg from a DVD but could still manage to upload them videotaping (or using their digital camcorder in 2007 terms) said clip. WTF? If you aren't smart enough to rip the sumbitch, then don't fucking bother. Pisses me off that the DECENT version of this showed up on the page FOUR. The other P.O.S.s shows up in the first three pages along with a multitude of other people trying to sing this song (or something). Anyways, I finally found a decent enough copy to share.

And while searching for that, I found a rip of Will Ferrel on SNL doing 'Storytellers: Neil Diamond'. I love this skit for disturbing reasons. Not as much as the 'Blue Oyster Cult... more cowbell... behind the music' skit, but a close second. Unfortunately, both versions that I found were from a SNL special. But anyways... still funny.

So... I did manage to find something on YouTube. Which is where I can, for the moment, actually kill some time.

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